Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday July 11th Checklist

 *Almost got 10,000 steps in yesterday. Thanks Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Dang I have to do it all again today.
 *Really…if these ladies can do it, I certainly can.   I was thrilled to see them out and about with their dance partners enjoying the Gardens.  
 *Made it to Three Bags Full Sidewalk sale. Lots going on there.
New post is up all about it at
I bought yarn…that was not on sale…..shhhhh
 *Favorite plate of the week ^^^^^^^^
*Made new friend at the shop today. Pauline loves neutrals.  This was from Rowan Magazine number 49.  There is detail in the sleeves and edges that is just lovely. 

*Finally, contest coming soon. We need to keep celebrating my decade of bloggin here at Irisheyes.  Stay tuned, I love you guys.


Anonymous said...

The flowers in the first picture are SO pretty. A botanical garden at least has some pretty things to look at while you walk. ;-)

That's why Steve and I like walking at the beach.

Suburban prep said...

I made it to Three Bags. Unfortunately I did not purchase anything.
(fortunate for my wallet).

Katherine said...

Walking in the garden sounds wonderful. I miss it! 10 years? I am at 9 on July 4th so you have a wing-ding of a party this year and I'll have one next year!

Nancy said...

Love the burst of color in the Claudia bin - it looks like Summer Sherbet!

Mereknits said...

I hope you bought some fun yarn, Pauline's sweater is amazing. Hugs to you,

SissySees said...

Congrats! Maybe you need some new, snazzy pants to celebrate your steps?

Unknown said...

I thought the yarn display was a new method of stashing your yarn!!! I have one of those, hmm, idea beginning to form in my head.

Araignee said...

My goodness....all those lovely ladies with their walkers made my day!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Great photos! We all need to keep moving and keep knitting (or crocheting) - like the lovely ladies in your post.

Wow, 10 years of blogging - you must have been in at the start. Congratulations!

Judy S. said...

Love your plant photo! We have a very puny relative in our garden that will hopefully some day resemble it. LOL Those gardens are so fun to visit,and we're due for one. Maybe in August! Have a nice weekend. Gotta check out the other blog now.

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