LIke Mother Like Daughter

Al was excited about a new yarn she wanted me to wind for her.  It is the same, you heard that right, same yarn I'm using for my Wrap. 
(Co sa bi) 
Who knew? 
She's using purple and she's knitting Rosarian, a new Knitty Spring pattern.   Family wedding tomorrow, so Al's in town and we couldn't be happier.   
 Uncle Tank is entered in our local Vet's Spring photo contest. 
Grace Y knit that bunny for me one Spring.  
Uncle Tank is happy Al is home too. 
Signs of Spring and Easter and Passover are showing up in our neighborhood.  This bunny is going to get wet if we get April showers today. 

Hoping you want to send a strand of yarn to me for the raffle. 

I'll show you some of the prizes tomorrow. 


Katherine said…
Oh I know how happy you are with Al at home and I love the color of her yarn!

Tank is so cute snuggling his bunny. I'm wondering if Tank is a cuddly as he looks when he is sleeping.
elns said…
Uncle Tank is the cutest. I love the mother like daughter knitting moment!
Mereknits said…
Hooray Al is home!!!! Have a wonderful time together and at the wedding.
Uncle Tank looks very happy with his bunny!
Pammy Sue said…
Hey, Kathy B.! Thanks for your comment. Can you believe I took those storm cloud pictures with my iPhone??? I know! Wish I could say it was some fancy camera because I'd love to have one. As much as I take pictures, I think I'd get my money's worth! Your kitty, Mr. Tank, is gorgeous. I love his colors. That's a cute picture of him with his bunny. Hee-hee.
Gracie Saylor said…
I just enjoyed catching up on your posts I missed while traveling down and up the Pacific Coast,
Kathy b! So much I want to comment on, but will just type thanks for the hay bale gardening idea...I want to read more about, and although I have not downloaded it yet I think the watercolor app is cool, too...and if I get organized before the end of the month I will send you a foot of yarn...because I am so curious what you are going to do with it :) Wishing you a happy time with Al and at the wedding! xx
Araignee said…
Family weddings are the best! Enjoy your family time!
Hi there! Love that shot of your sweet guy!!!! And i love that bunny!! I hope that you have a wonderful time at the wedding! Nicole
Pooch said…
Cutie-cute bunnies and happy kitty! So sweet.

Nancy said…
Hurrah, the whole family together AND a wedding, too! Enjoy.

Judy S. said…
Have a great weekend! BTW, is that a manatee in your header?
SissySees said…
That's so funny that you both picked the same yarn. Enjoy your weekend!
It looks like spring in this post, with cats and bunnies and yummy yarns.
Anonymous said…
Uncle Tank has SUCH a sweet smile. I think he likes Grace's bunny.

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