Here's the 411 on 4.11

Dayna is visiting us and looking for a place to live in Chicago.
She is an amazing artist.   She's a young girl with incredible talent. She is AL's Nathan's niece.  Got that? 
I will give you the 4.1.1 on her artwork when she has her shop started up.  
She offered to do my makeup for OUR nieces wedding.
I don't wear much makeup, but I will love her helping me.
My eyes, my best feature, acted up this week. 
I have a huge vessel breakage in my left eye. 
I look….in a word…frightening. 
Should I wear a patch to the wedding?
How fetching….

Al and Zach were together for Siblings Day Yesterday.
Serendipity…… I love it. 
I emailed two of my sisters yesterday.
My youngest sis wrote me back with thanks and told me her youngest came home with head lice…
she is not a happy momma! 
Work pals have told me that around here they don't even keep kids out of school for lice anymore.

Sorry for today's randomness.  

OH: Here's the 411 on 

*The yellow yarn atop my post page is one of the yarn prizes for the SPRINGFLINGSTRING contest. 
Two skeins of buttery goodness.

The manatee on my header is from the Keys.
He was so sweet and slow and cute.  

*I don't have much to show knit wise as the wrap is moving along slowly.   Big projects in cream don't lend themselves to exciting posts ;) 
so I leave it to lice and bloody eyes to entertain you. 

*Finally , I have two new apps to share with you if you are so inclined: 
Ziplist's grocery app adds ingredients from recipes you want to try, right to your phone.


Wunderlist app is a to do helper. 
Do you wanderlust?

and share some 411 with us in the comments


Judy S. said…
My wanderlust string is headed your way! Sorry to hear about your eye and hope it heals in record time. We are wandering off to the OR Coast this weekend.......
elns said…
Argh! I have to get a string in the mail to you. I'm all over the place my friend! Yes, the lice thing requires constant vigilance in pre school and elementary school. I hope the eye gets better fast, but I think you would look awesome in an eyepatch. ARgggh Matey! ahem, I mean Kathy! I'm glad you have such good people and family.
Caffeine Girl said…
Oh dear! I hope your eye heals a bit before the wedding!
I remember the whole lice thing with my kids. At least as a teacher, I have not found any critters on myself.
Nancy said…
My niece has had to deal with lice after classmates came to school with the visitors. Not my idea of a good time!

Love the yellow yarn in the header.

Take care of your eye and have fun at the wedding.
Mereknits said…
No patch, everyone will not remember or even notice your eyes after they have had a few drinks at the reception. Have a lovely time at the wedding. And Lice....gross!
Araignee said…
It's true about the lice because the meds are over the counter. Ringworm, pinkeye and impetigo too. I was all ways infected with something or other when I was teaching.
I hope you had a great weekend wedding. I am so jealous. I LOVE weddings.
SissySees said…
The neighbor down the street is having his annual party. Gretchen is NOT amused. Time to turn on the TV and find something to distract her.

I bet your eye isn't as noticeable as you think it is, but I wish you quick healing just the same!
Anonymous said…
Hope your eye heals up soon. That's a scary thing.

Love the picture of Uncle Tank. He is such a handsome guy.
Lynn said…
bloody eyes and lice. You can't say you aren't versatile with your posts!!! LOL Seriously sorry abt your eye, really bad timing for the wedding. And I feel for the lice situation. My kids never had it, but I did in the 2nd grade. Ugh, NOT fun at all!!!
Celia said…
In my family they call them Jo-jo's. Anyway, remember when they used to check us in class? Do they even do that anymore.

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