Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A Look Into Fireman's Drawers

 Gotcha.  ….
I knit a surprise pair of socks for my Fireman.
The last pair I knit for him shrank….so I got them.
This yarn was from the recent yarn sale at 3 Bags Full.
Knitting them side by side was practically painless. 
The ribbed top is done in smaller needles, Fireman has little chicken sized ankles.  Socks fall down on him…all the time.
So these are a custom fit for him. 
Yarn: Mirasolperu
numbered colorway.

When we were in Minnesota we stopped at a Pottery shop on 
Front street. Mary Jo is the artist who creates pottery there. 
My sister has an entire set of her plates for their casual everyday use.  They are beautiful.  
Fireman and I chose some simple coffee mugs when we visited. 

I have officially given up Coffee Creamer due to Channon's enlightening post.  Day #2… not too bad. I used some sugar but no creamer!! 

Anyone who wants to send me a strand, and only a strand of yarn, is in the raffle for some great prizes. 
One part of the prize is yellow based sock yarn in my header..

Have a happy knit day!


Anonymous said...

Cute mugs!

Fireman's socks look great too. I have the opposite trouble with Steve. He has really WIDE feet so the ribbing needs to stretch enough to get over them. LOL

Could you send me the link to Channon's post about creamer? I'd love to read it.

Katherine said...

Fireman's socks are the best!! The colors are beautiful. It is no fun knitting socks for DH because he will only wear black or navy.

Love the coffee cups. They will be good for tea too.

Sarah said...

I sent you an email for your snail mail address but maybe I have the wrong one!

you can email me at ktssarahh at gmail com


Judy S. said...

Great socks! I'll bet he loves them. MN has some great sources of pottery; I love what you chose. Your strand will be on its way this afternoon!

Nancy said...

What's not to love about the Fireman's socks - the color and ribbing are perfection!

I'm going to pass on the giveaway, but thanks for the opportunity.

Araignee said...

Love those socks! He's lucky to get such a fancy pair. I'm going to have to try that side by side thing myself. It just makes sense.

elns said...

I love that you got to reclaim the shrunken socks for yourself. I also love mirasol yarns. It was one of my "cross over" yarns when I first started knitting. I'm curious, you're going without creamer, but does that mean no half an half or whole milk or almond milk either, etc?

Delighted Hands said...

I am impressed with the socks-I have never heard of Firemen socks-I will do some searching to find out! I love the pottery-especially the flower one!

Linda said...

Very nice fireman socks!
And....a very funny post!
Linda :o) can I follow you?

SissySees said...

What is a strand of yarn? I want you to have what you want!

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