The Gingerbread Cake Secret:

 These adorables are at the counter of 3 bags Full. 
The slippers below were on another site recently. 
They count as adorable too. 
I'm not making these, mind you, just sharing their cuteness. 
Wow, what a response to gingerbread cake , ladies!
It came from a box…..
and I had to add an egg and water.
It was easy and delicious.  

My hair color is perfect, the cut is 
not too different.  I did knit whilst my hair was transformed.

Today: Work on the felted Sally slippers….
and enjoy the newly fallen snow before work. 

Do you Pandora???
I love their holiday music selections...


Katherine said…
Oh yes, I DO Pandora, all day long. I also have a Christmas music app on my computer but it doesn't allow me to select the music I want to hear and they never seem to play any Mannheim Steamroller. Got to have MS Christmas music!!
Nancy said…
I don't Pandora, but I do iHeartRadio on my phone and Roku. It's great to have music (especially Christmas classics) at my fingertips
Gracie Saylor said…
Yes, I like Pandora, too, although I have Dish classical holiday on at the moment :-) xx
Araignee said…
I don't Pandora but I do have Sirius radio and I am loving their holiday station.
I am going to have to investigate this Pandora thing though because everyone seems to love it.
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh.....the hedgehog slippers are adorable.

No Pandora for me. It didn't run well on my phone so I ended up deleting the app. Luckily, I have a lot of Christmas music of my own.
Nicole said…
I'vr made gingerbread cakedrom scratch - didn't know there was a mix! Wow!
LouLou said…
I'm off to get that gingerbread cake mix and I will be listening to Pandora on my phone all the way!
Mereknits said…
Love those mittens, I'd like a pair for myself. I think I need to Pandora, I don't know why I don't!
Hugs and happy you are loving your hair.
Celia said…
Yes, I love Pandora.
elns said…
I just came from the grocery store, now I will have to go back for some gingerbread cake mix, ha!

I don't have phone reception at work, or many apps for that matter, so I listen to the radio on my old ipod and there is a station that plays holiday music between thanksgiving and xmas. good times :)
Judy S. said…
Love those slippers! So glad your hair turned out to your liking. Our computer is on the fritz so don't be surprised not to hear from me till it's fixed.
SissySees said…
Okay dearie... WHAT KIND OF BOX!? I've never seen a gingerbread cake mix.

I might do Pandora at work this week... and next.

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