Friday, October 16, 2009

Talk Before Sleep

(A Great Book by the way. Have you read it?)

I've been talking to myself before I fall asleep. Apparently I talk during my sleep as well. This could be a direct result of being alone most of the time in the house lately. Not that I don't talk to the kitties, ad nauseam, I do. At any rate, it has been a relief because I have made some knitting choices because of it.

Log Cabin blanket. Over. I'm stopping with the small piece I made last year. The arm just won't comply with the type of knitting, and yarn. It is all good however. I am flat knitting a baby blanket with the Riverstone yarn instead. Straight garter stitich, on straight needles. It will be wool and non machine washable, but it can be handwashed. I just can't give it to any infant that looks like it will or does have reflux....

Ruffled Prayer Shawl. Bye bye Ruffle. I am never going to force myself to do the second ruffle. I showed it to you already and yes it is impressive and lacey. But I think I 'd rather watch the Cubs lose the World Series than knit the other ruffle. And, I think I am going to CUT IT OFF. Better I finish it for my mentor than not finish it for her.

That's it. Strike three they are out! No instant replay. No throwing them out of the game. No protesting. No double-switches.....maybe I am watching too much post season baseball......before I sleep.....

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

That is hilarious--the thought of giving a wool blanket to an infant with reflux. Just plain evil! I love it!

We all have those knitting projects that just won't cooperate and have to be junked! BTW I love your war with ruffles. It makes mine with short rows pale by comparison.

Katherine said...

P.S. Oh my, I misread that! I thought you said you WILL give it to an infant with reflux. Still a funny thought!

kathy b said...

Cool picture, is this from the Teddy Bear Sunflower Seeds?

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