Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October knitting thoughts

*You just cannot capture this color in yarn. It isn't possible. This is magic color time in Chicago.

*Even though a squirrel on my screened porch, climbing the screens like a crazy, I finished a row
before I screamed about it.

*It is very difficult to take a bad picture for the blog in the Midwest right now.

*Zach didn't think the hat I knit him was going to "work". Gave it to him over Parents Weekend.
I swear just one circular project and my tendon was starting up. Fireman doesn't know it,
but he may be learning to knit a hat soon.......don't tell him.

*The cookie sheet blankets are arriving and they are one cuter than the next. How should I show them
to you?

*It took me just over one hulu sponsored episode of the Office, to frog the ruffle on the prayer shawl.
That's alot of ruffle stitiches eh? I'll never be able to take ice from a hotel machine again, after seeing the wedding

and a question......have you ever had raisen pie?

Happy October

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

Ten more rows and my blanket will be finished! It is almost the color of the trees here but not nearly as golden as the leaves in your photo. Gorgeous!!

Sorry the hat didn't work for the boy. My dear GS(s) are so picky about their hats--fit, color, fiber. I guess it's a guy thing.

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures! I must get you a cookie sheet blanket. I have the perfect one! Can you please email me your mailing address again? thx

Yes - I love sour cream raisin pie. mmmmm. Haven't had it in over 20 years... but I know it's yummy.

Nancy said...

Oooh, I'd love to see the Cookie Sheet blankets. Do you have a place to hang them on a line with clothes pins?

I'm a big Hulu fan, too.

Anonymous said...

Sour cream raisin pie! Yum.

kathy b said...

No one said anything about sour cream in the raisin pie. Is that standard ? I bought it at a farmstand and it said Amish pies. THis one said raisin. It is already cooked. Im only having a bite, I swear. But if I like it, Im going to make some for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Turtle said...

nice fall pics, and why yes, i have had raisin pie!

Sue said...

Do take a pic of the little blankies all together so we can see how cute they are.

I've never had raisin pie and never will.

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