Saturday, October 24, 2009

Go ahead, call me a pumpkin head!

So I resumed Knitting after 9/11. There has been a long learning curve. (yet there has been learning and a curve!)

I realized today that so much of what I have knit for myself is itchy.

No amount of conditioner will do. I have the hives to prove it.

So here's to my next step in Knitting. There will be no wools. No lushous alpacas, no incredible angoras, gasp, even merinos..

Only my feet and hands can handle the softest of wools.

I'm so jealous of all of you. Yet, if this is my knitting cross to bear, so be it.

Today I found some Great Adirondack Grenada in Cotton and Rayon. It is so soft.

So this pumkin head has finally figured it out. Im genetically programmed to react to wools.

I live in a climate that is so dry in winter we are itchy even without wools to irritate us.

I think I am going to have a yarn sale . Right here on the blog. I'll call it the Smashing Pumpkin sale!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Jennifer said...

Well - I'm glad you finally figured it out. Fortunately for you there are so many lovely fibers for you. Do you have the book "No Sheep for You" - that might be your next route. How about silk, bamboo, soy? There are some wonderful yarns out there. Maybe instead of a yarn sale, you could do a yarn swap. Either one would be a great idea.

Elaine said...

Oh bummer! I was also going to suggest bamboo, rayon, silk, and blends of them. Bamboo is wonderful to knit with and comes in all sorts of weights etc. and is not terribly expensive. Also lots of rayon blends around - I just ordered some because it just looked so gorgeous and I NEEDED some in my life.

But I also love wool and luckily have no problems with it. I know several people who react badly to wool, but have no problem with alpaca. Do you react to that too?

kathy b said...


NO SHEEP FOR YOU is a great idea. I never got that it was about just my issue! Thanks.

Elaine, alpaca gets my eyes itchy. Boo hoo

Pat K said...

That's too bad, but then again I have problems with pure alpaca and mohair. I'll be watching for the Great Stash Makeover.

Turtle said...

lol, so can relate to many of your self views!!

Katherine said...

There's bamboo and silk and I recently discovered a cotton/viscose blend from Elann that is heaven--soft, shiny and drapey. You will not suffer for yarns to knit and we will all help you smash those pumpkins!

Ling said...

I second the No Sheep for You suggestion - it's a great book and the suggestions of bamboo, silk, rayon and blends. Actually, quite a lot of the new acrylic is nicer than people give them credit for. I'm looking forward to your yarn sale.

Btw - thanks for your comment on the my blog. Have the blankets arrived?

Anonymous said...


Scrabblequeen said...

Well, you can do as I do, and only knit wool and alpaca for other's use. Then, when you need something for you, you can break out the 'other' fibers. Just remember, some acrylics can be very itchy, too!

me said...

Are you sure that even alpaca bothers you? My heart goes out to without alpaca can only be cured by silk...I'm behind Jennifer 100% ...Silk is the way to go, and bamboo...I like the idea of a swap.
P.S. That picture of the pumpkins made me laugh out load - check out those faces!!!!! What a hoot!!!!!
P.S thanks for your comments on my blog - my DH made his soup again tonight, so I hope you can smell it there! XXOOX

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

There is a wonderful book called No Sheep For You Author Amy R. Singer I think you would like it.There are alot of fun no wool yarns out there silk and bamboo are so soft and shiny and you can knit bags and curtains with hemp and linens. I love the pumpkins:) Hugs Darcy

Sue said...

I have trouble knitting with wool. My hands get all itchy. I just stick to other fibers and pretend all those luscious wool colors don't exist.

Bianca said...

I second Jennifer's idea in swapping some yarns.

kathy b said...


I should be good at your strategy!!!! YOu have the answer!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Wow... I am allergic to most foods that North Americans eat. However, I am blissfully able to use any fiber I've ever tried. Mohair can itch me on my upper chest but I wear turtlenecks underneath.

But having so many allergies, even if in another area, means I do understand what it's like to adjust. It's true, even a handful of years ago you would have had fewer choices. The bamboo now is better than the bamboo of 3 years ago, it's all getting good.

Have you tried Nashua Cilantro? It's cotton/lycra in a more squishy texture than Cascade Fixation (which is DK weight). The Cilantro came out only in Aran weight but now it's coming out in DK and maybe another weight. Nice stuff.


kathy b said...

I must try the Nashua Cilantro GREAT TIP THANKS

Emily said...

There are some really great bamboo/cotton or bamboo/microfiber yarns too! There has never been a better time to own your wool allergy.

I like the swap idea! I've got some Shine that wants a new home.

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