Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blanket Drive for Little pumpkins Update and a P.S.

Here are the current places blankets have arrived from as of today Oct 28th. 3 Mailing Days left to enter. 5 days left if you plan to drive it here!

Glenview IL
Edison NJ
Montgomery AL
Huntsville AL
Morro Bay CA
Springfield MO
Eaton OH
Glendale AZ
British Colombia
Metchen NJ
Darfrack NJ
Evansville IN

All Adorable. Still waiting for an idea for me to show them all to you......


I texted my son Zach from the car this morning at a decent hour of 10:30 a.m.

{I brought you a treat, I'll be there in 10 minutes}

No Response.

{I am now in your dorm lobby.}

No Response and then!

{Who is this}

I say {MOM! I am waiting in the lobby!}


{My mom? }


{my mom! Judy B.field from the Bronx?}

Now Im laughing hysterical with the girl at the Dorm desk

my response "NO! SO SORRY"

his response

"No problem!"

Someone who named Judy B.field, for short,
raised a very polite boy whose mother did NOT meet him in
the dorm lobby with treats this morning.....

What are the odds?


Gigi said...

Oh funny story!
So sorry I flaked on making a blanket -- bit off more than I could chew ;-0.
Love your pumpkins -- especially the one with his tongue sticking out LOL.

Elaine said...

I'm from the Bronx. Maybe I went to school with his Mom. All New Yorkers are very polite. Really.

You should tell the pumpkin not to smoke - it's not healthy.

I'm going up to check my stash to send you choices. I'll send mail tonight.

Grace said...

It really isn't Darfack its Lake Hiawatha--- I live on DAFRACK drive, in Lake Hiawatha!!!! You are a silly pretend friend

Elaine said...

Kathy, I sent you e-mail with some suggestions for the trade. Please let me know whether anything appeals.

gMarie said...

My blankets are so not going to arrive in time for anything. My iron died this week and I can't sew without one. Buying a new one on Saturday, so .. ...

What happened to your boy? g

Katherine said...

You are so funny! And Darfack--now that's hilarious. Did the boy ever get his treats?

Your yarn and the blanket are going out today by the fastest snail we could find in the mail system.

Karen said...

Funniest text story ever!!!!

I have two blankets finished. They aren't mailed yet because I've been sick. :( They are coming, but I can't promise they'll be there for the contest. I'm fine with that though - it's not like my house isn't already overflowing with yarn. LOL

Alyssa said...

I'm definitely not going to make it in time for the contest, but I promise you I will send a couple blankies by the end of the year!

I love your pumpkins!

Sue said...

What a good response to the blanket drive and it sounds like lots more are coming after Nov 1.

Kim said...

My favorite is the cat - very artsy!

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