Back to knitting..

This adorable dress is at 3 Bags Full in Northbrook. You have to buy the yarn to get the pattern. It is so sweet, isn't it?

I challenge Irisheyeslynn to make it for an upcoming co-workers baby. I think she can and she could and it would be adored.

This is heirloom gift quality I think. Okay, maybe I challenge Al too. And any of you!

I just love it.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Emily said…
Absolutely beautiful! How big do the sizes go? Do I have time to knit one before Christmas?

Who am I kidding? I'll be amazed if I get her a sweater made before the end of October.
Bianca said…
I love it too. Unfortunately I don't have any girls in this size...LOL! Otherwise I would have taken your challenge to knit it
Grace said…
is there a link to this store, I love this and can think of several to knit if for
kathy b said…

The store link is:

Tell them I sent you! I am so glad you love this dress too
Ling said…
I'll take your challenge. I love that dress too!! I'm pretty sure it's in my queue.
Katherine said…
That dress is so cute and it looks like it wouldn't be too difficult. I think I will pop over to the store and check it out! If you will I will!! How's that for a challenge?
kathy b said…
Excuse me Katherine but

Whaddayanuts? Im not making that dress. All those tiny stitiches. But you will knit up a wonder!
Lynne said…
But, kathy B! Why don't YOU make the dress?
Celia said…
You're inspiring me. That's lovely

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