Saturday, October 10, 2009

Attempt at artsy picture

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

These are the colors around me now. Fall in Chicago is magnificent. What color is that? Barbequed potato chip color. ????

There has been so much knitting content lately eh? I do have a nearly FO To show you....maybe tomorrow.

I held a 10 week old golden retriever puppy today. At our town homecoming parade. Ahhhhhhh, he was
wonderful. It was like a breathe of promise. We are not ready yet, but I'm so glad I got to see that pup today.

Elaine sent the first Baby blanket for the Cookie Sheet contest. She is so speedy. It is adorable. Thanks!

Have I told you I love the commercials where the babies talk to each othe? It is for etrade. So cute.

I'm trying not to have a BabyRuth until Halloween.

I won some lovely knitterly things this week. Evergreen sent me her lovely leaves baby blanket pattern.
Thank you so much!

I won yarn from Channon (chan Knits BLOG) from SpringValley Yarns. I got to choose the yarn.
I choose a sportweight merino bamboo in Care Latte. 430 yards. WOW. I just love it.

BIg new to tell on the prize package for the winner of the baby blanket drive. Later this week I'll reveal .....

Sorry this is rather random. Rather? HAH! Totally random.

Sneaking a post in before Troy's sister arrives for dinner. I should be cleaning the bathroom sink...

What should you be doing?


Elaine said...

I actually DID what I should have done today. Tom and I went and worked on cleaning out Mom's condo (we moved her to an assisted living place this summer and worked our tails off packing her up and moving her and unpacking her) but hadn't gone back to get rid of more stuff that she didn't take.

Today we did the first of what I fear may be many installments. We spent about 7 hours doing it. It went on the market on Monday. Of course when it does sell, then we'll really have to get cracking and figure out how to get rid of the furniture we didn't move with her. That's why I was so speedy doing the blanket - I knew that I might not get a chance once I started on this project.

Also we do a lot of volunteering at a national wildlife preserve and we are scheduled for a full day tomorrow and I have my annual breast cancer walk next Sunday so I figured I better not procrastinate.

Bianca said...

We are almost done moving! UGH!! What a mess... the carpets on the floors in the old house contained a load of dust and sand. It weighed tons! And that is not nice for someone with a dust allergy.

We slept quite well in our new house. The leaves are just turning into fall colours here.

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