Friday, September 04, 2009

Scattered Thoughts.....this time with an excuse

1. I'm using Huck's passing as an excuse for my randomness.......truth is it could be any day in my life. (pretend friends
let you get away with stuff)

2. My photographer Zach took the image on the post today. Thanks Z-man. College guy. Starting tomorrow!

3. The gig is up. I'm really the messy one in the family. Now it is going to be obvious to Fireman as we can be the
only ones making the mess as of tomorrow!

4. You don't have to knit a ruffle when you are grieving. And you didn't want to anyway!

5. My father's back is a bit better.........thanksgiving abounds. I'm big on thanksgiving.

6. I have this strange need to keep stash knitting. I'm on a roll.

7. Zach has asked for a school colors hat. THis time he's getting it however I knit it. (and he'll like it that way)

8. What do you want to bet, I'll make his hat to his specs, after a week of missing him!

9. and don't hold me to this, because it may just be grief, but I am thinking of getting on a plane....

10. Fireman is taking me to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said...

good positive random thoughts going there!!!! You are always in my thoughts!!

Katherine said...

*Good luck to Zach!
*Good to hear that your Dad's back is better!!
*Odd that you should mention ruffles. I don't like them either but I found a scarf pattern that has TWO rows of ruffles and I'm dying to knit it.
*Looking forward to seeing Zach's school colors hat.
*I'm sorry but I would have to drive to Wisconsin but I'm proud of you even thinking about getting on a plane!

Deb said...

Still too sad. Holli dislocated her elbow again today. Just seeing her walking in pain made my heart break. I've gotten very good at popping it back in though.

Bianca said...

Kathy... check in at Ravelry please...

Stephen said...


Thanks for your post. My mom lives in Skokie so when I'm back in town (Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks) we'll have to share some knitting time!


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