Tuesday, September 01, 2009

One of these men, is a knitter.

That would be Zach, as you know. He has made a scarf. He knows he CAN knit. He leaves for college on saturday. We are so excited for him. I hope he knits at school. (DOUBTFUL!) He wants a hat in his school colors. I have to get going on that.

The other man is my father. His mother was an excellent knitter. My father is having his back procedure/injection today so he could use your thoughts and prayers. He worked for W. Clement Stone for over 50 years. Mr. Stone promoted the Power of Postive Thinking and PMA. Postivie mental attitude.

Whenever we struggled my father would stop us and say or demand rather "WHERE IS YOUR PMA?" His liscence plate said PMA.

So please Think great positive thoughts for my dad today. I KNow you are all good for it.

So I have to blog despite my grief because the blog is a safe and happy place for me. Huck would want me to be blogging.
I am able to breathe a bit easier because we may get his ashes back today. I cannot wait to have him in some physical way again. In our home. Near me.

My knit girlfriends and I met at a bar yesterday. It was like a wake for Huck. It was eleven a.m. and they ordered bloody mary's and things with a vodka called Grey Goose. And IM the one who lost the dog! They crack me up. I did have a glass of wine and we toasted Hucky. They had me laughing and crying and it was absolutely wonderful. We even knitted.

You all are taking such good care of me. Thanks. Oh and Lesley made this incredible chocolate zucchini bread for each of us. Lesley are you SURE there is zucchini in it? It is the densest most wonderully chocolate bread I have ever eaten. We call it healthy bread. All those antioxidants and Zucchini to boot!
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said...

I am glad you had a wake for Huck, wish I could have come

Tom made zucchini bread Sunday---with nuts, without nuts and with peaches all are delicious

Elaine said...

I grew up in an all Irish neighborhood in NYC. My neighbors had wakes every day whether or not anyone died :-) If there were such a thing as a designated driver, our family would have permanently been it. Oh wait, no one owned a car and no one that we knew was a transit conductor so we didn't have to worry about that.

I'm sure having him back home will be a relief.

And good luck to Dad. I took Mom to the dermatologist yesterday to have some skin cancer (basil cell) removed from her face. She is such a trouper! I'll bring her back in another month and have another bunch removed.

Congrats to Zach. How exciting.

kathy b said...

My father did very very well! My mom made me laugh the entire time he had the procedure and we were in the waiting room.

I have Huck's ashes and he is home. I am so much better with him home with me. Thanks. The process continues.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

father is having his back procedure/injection today I will keep him in my prayers and I'm glad you received the kit and your idea to regift is a wonderful one:)
I'm sorry for your lose Huck was special glad your friends took you out and made you laugh and the chocolate bread sounds like heaven.(((((Hugging You)))))) Darcy

JustApril said...

Sorry about your pup =(

and you are right about blogging and grief, somehow it really helps

Bianca said...

Check your Ravelry inbox :-)

Katherine said...

Huck deserves to have a round of Bloody Marys lifted in his honor!!

Prayers and positive thoughts go out to your Dad. Just my little back strain recently is enough for me to have great empathy for him!

We had a little furry lap dog before Macy (Buttons) and her ashes and favorite toys still sit on the top shelf of my closet. I couldn't bring myself to sprinkle them or bury them. I wanted her with me.

Best wishes to Zach in his going forth.

Lupie said...

Dad and son are both cuties!

Deb said...

OK - PMA and positive thoughts for your dad.

What happened to Huck?? What did I miss? I'm so, so, so sorry. Holli and I are sitting at my desk crying. No one wants to hear sad news about a brother Golden. We will dedicate our walk today to our beautiful boy.

Unknown said...


Sending you and your family warm thoughts!

Ling said...

Wish I could have gone to the wake. Glad your dad did well. Take care. Sending you more hugs.

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