Monday, August 24, 2009

Karen's Mitered Sqaures Blanket

Karen is somewhat of a Rapunsal. Everything she knits turns to gold. She says her knitting grounds her, but I think she grounds her knitting. I let mine run me all over the place, and hers is very well behaved. She knits intentionally. When the yarn and the pattern start to get away from me, I just let it. Not Karen. She trains her yarn to listen to her. Just look at the new blanket she is creating.

Isn't it a beauty?

I'm trying to ground myself.
I am listening to the Chanting Monks.
I am making sure I try to nap.
I think I need a good sit by the campfire tonight.

And I need my knitting right now,
and I don't mean no ruffles either!

Stay tuned for what found me
and wants me to knit it........


Turtle said...


Anonymous said...

ummm i know karen and her knitting
don't let her fool you she extremly abusive to her knitting she wont take any shit one thing out of line it's frogged with alot of time outs and swearing,and if it really acts up she gives it the silent treament.any yarn would be a fool to act out if karen owns it.but the great thing is if your yarn gives you ant trouble she will kick it around the block a few times for you every one needs a yarn nazi for a friend!

Anonymous said... pretty as karen is could you get a hold of her hairdresser her hair is lokking a little shabby.

Beverly said...

The colors look great. I wish you had a better picture.

Pantha said...

Have been reading and enjoying your blog for ages. So how do you do mitred squares? I just do corner to corner. Those look more interesting.

kathy b said...


I do have a better picture. I'll post it. thanks


kathy b said...

Thing ONE or LESLEY! You are hysterical and now I know your BLOG! When are we going to chat and knit together again? Lesley lanm has to come and see you.

kathy b said...


Thanks for reading forever!

Karen had a book on mitered squares that she was sort of following for the blanket. the pattern was loosely based on a book of mitered squares. A dishcloth pattern. Google a dishcloth pattern mitered square for your answer. Are you on Ravelry? It will be there too. :)

Pantha said...

Thank you so much for that help I have found just what I was looking for at "String and sealingwax". In case you are wondering about me posting at odd times - I am in the South West UK!

Katherine said...

One of the great things about knitting is there is room for both intentional and random knitters! I've seen some beautiful projects with small or large flaws that didn't detract from the beauty of the knitted object!! On the other hand, some of the most perfect objects did not appeal to me.

Karen's blanket is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what wants you to knit it!

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