Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'll play what is on your desk

But I am not going to enter the contest . I think it is too late anyhow.

I don't really have a desk.
But I do have my screened porch table and
just ask everybody, if you want to meet me
there's where Me and Huck hang out all summer. .

Huck likes to get in all the pictures.
And why not?
Huck is always at my desk, so of course
he should be in this description.

He is near my father's prayer lap blanket.
The one fireman says no self respecting man would use.
Never say never baby!

I have an abundance of radio waves all around me:

My portable firescanner.
Yes I am a geek.
I need to gauge how tired fireman will be tomorrow
and how tired Al will be after her ER shift.
and I am nosey. And it is legal.

My weather radio.
Must have.
We are expecting severe weather.
I love me a storm.
I do move away from the metal table and chair
when the lightening alarm goes off.

My chocolate knitted cupcake from Grace.
Because you know, it is my birthday month!
And it is sooooo soft. I squeeze it for stress relief.

Then there are my glasses
and my portable house phone. Heaven
forbid I have to get up from my desk you know.

There is a generous glass of chardonnay and yes
it is only 4 oclock.
I'm a bit stressed and the I can make that glass last
for a few hours. I just like a sip.

The other bottle is a new treat I didn't need to find.
My dear neighbor Mary brought us Japanese treats for
caring for her flowers gardens during their trip to Japan.

I need no reason to enjoy more soda or pop
than I already do.
This is the funnest bottle of pop EVER.
There is some sort of marble thing in there
that you CANNOT swallow.
But when you drink from the bottle,
and release the suction with your tongue
the little marble makes a fun noise.
Have you tried these?
THey are called Sniakiku Rammune drnks.
The are more fun than the chardonnay.

I also have on the table my scissors for knitting
and for making sure I dont have to move my Half
Irish arse off the chair any sooner than my bladder
calls for.

THere is that japanese crochet magazine that
my nephew brought me a few years ago.
I've got crochet on my mind.
I can do lace, but I think I hate it.
THis is not your everyday crochet magazine.

Finally a really wonderful thing is on the table.
Do you see it
It is a white piece of paper.
It is a Glenview Police Dept Courtesy notice.
It is not a ticket.
I am so happy it is a courtesy notice.
I left the car out during early morning forbidden parking.
Thank you thank you Glenview Police person for making my day.
A ticket would have been so hard to take today.

I was in the wrong. Thanks for the gesture.
I may have to bring them some cookies.
Police are so underappreciated.

So that's my desk.

C'mon who else has the scanner and the weather radio and the japenese cola bottle on their desk.
I know you are out there....

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

My knitting stuff is in the closet and my desk is covered in patterns and bills and a boombox and a camera and some dvd's and a laptop:)Hugs Darcy

Katherine said...

Nothing as interesting as Japanese soda bottles or firescanner. No big yellow Huck either--just a little white Jack Russell. Actually there is no knitting or anything else of great interest on my desk. I do have:
*a Mac-truck of an adding machine
*computer monitor
*my endless coffee cup
*three year's supply of pens, pencils and highlighters
*and three pages of journal entries to close a failing company's books (sad). I wish my desk was as interesting as yours!!

kathy b said...


I thought I was the only one who still owned a boom box!

kathy b said...


Macy counts! ! my goodness. See our dogs know we need them to inspire us! We let Huck try a beer this weekend. He didnt really want it. Does macy have beer ever

Grace said...

cool desk your story about the soda reminds me of the movie ZOHAN---and the fizzy bubbly that they drank

Thinking lots of positive thoughts my friend

Heather said...

Oh!! Japanese candies and drinks are the stuff of magic. I used to go to the international market in Atlanta with an old boyfriend and we would buy whatever Japanese food stuff we cold get our hands on. Some things were hilarious and tasty, some were just frightening (grass juice or fish candy) but the wrappers always made me happy. Do you think all of the candy factories there are run by Oompa-Loompas?

Elaine said...

My desk (and office) at work are not a pretty sight. Truly. Enough said.

Bianca said...

What is on my desk?

My computer screen, keypad and mouse, the scanner/printer, 2 cd roms, a pen and the remote for the tv. Hubby keeps my desk clean, as mostly the men are working at my desk. But now it is my turn...hahaha :-)

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