Sunday, August 02, 2009

How to knit a badminton net

Not really, but the shawl is getting so long it feels like I am knitting a badminton net. I had no idea how to spell said net, until spell check corrected my version. See I learn things from blogging! Have you played badminton lately?

I'm itching to finish the shawl and start something new, or pick up my log cabin again. The shawl is so big I I cannot drag it along with me anywheres anymore.

So the goal this week is to get to the finish line.......

and come up with a contest b/c I have a lovely prize.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said...

you can always end it when you think its big enough!!! Once I cast on a shawl according to directions not thinking that I am terrible with gauge, I used a whole hundred yard skein in 2 rows I pulled it off the needles gave tom one end and I took the other, It was over 23 feet long, I had to do some serious swatching!

Anonymous said...

omg sweetie it's looking big enough for a king size bed!

Unknown said...

Who is that shawl for? I personally noticed the clothesline. I just got one and I'm so excited. g

Katherine said...

Haven't played badminton lately but we did play croquet at a lawn party last fall. It had been years! I think I know the shawl you are knitting. It is the Drops ruffled shawl?

Unknown said...

I bet you could block it to net size!

kathy b said...

Thanks for all the funny comments! It is looking very very big. Grace, I took your suggestion and stopped the PAIN. Im on the ruffle.
Now don't let me quit if the ruffle gets hard.
The pattern is a Mac N Me for the ruffled Shawl. It has a picture of a lady in a hat on an adirondak chair with the shawl gracing her shoulders.
Im going to try to follow each comment on my next posts.

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