Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The bear is a keychain.

This Frugal Hungarian would like to make certain you know that Grace is selling some of her handknit shawls for 85.00 each. These would make ideal gifts for very special occasions. Grace is at She usually comments on my blog, so you can go to her comments and click on her name. Voila! you will be at her site to see the shawls.

Have you ever gone to Deesie's blog? She is a magnificent knitter. If you are looking for a fine blog to add to your reads, check her's out.

Just because I FAV something on Ravelry, doesnt mean I am going to knit it. Often it means I adore it and will never knit it! The cupholder that is made to look like blue jeans and a belt is an example. People are so clever. If you don't do Ravelry, sorry about this comment.

I'm being called to make a coffee warmer. I won the Greek Deli coffee kit from Darcy's blog contest. Katherine is making coffee warmers for gifts. I think I need to get on this wagon......

Have you ever made a coffee cup warmer?

Did it get lost shortly after you made it?

The practicality of a gift is a big consideration in the decision to knit it for someone. This is silly. I have gifts I have barely any use for that I adore. So I guess the question is, have you knit a coffee cup warmer that you adored anyhow and then it got lost? I see them getting tossed out with the empty cup. I worked at McDonalds long ago, where people put their cups on their car roofs all the time. And drove away. Did you? Have you?


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I knit the greek deli one and my hubby keeps it in his car to use for his coffee:)Hugs Darcy

Grace said...

i have not knit one!!!

Thanks for the plug my pretend friend

Marguerite said...

Once I left my gas cap on top of my car and drove away. I was so amazed at the price of a replacement that I've never done it again.

kathy b said...

there is something you haven't knit yet? I see a lace shawl for a coffee cup in your future!

kathy b said...


I've heard about those gas cap mishaps. Ouch. I wont forget now either knowing the cost. Because
That s allota YARN!

Karen said...

I've never knit a coffee cup warmer, but now I have an overwhelming urge to. Oh the power of suggestion!! I'd also like to know more about that Bear Keychain!!

Beverly said...

We don't have many coffee drinkers in my family but I'm sure some could use a nice tea cozy.

I forgot to put my gas cap on years ago. I haven't had to buy another since that lesson although every now and then I forget to screw it on. Thank goodness it's tethered to the car.

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