Friday, July 24, 2009

Stay with me, blog readers.........

I am very certain you do not need to see the inch by inch progress on the Ruffle Shawl.
What else do humans measure by inch frequently?

Bass and other fish
Rainfall ( I have broken so many gauges, I just call my dear mom. It is an excuse to chat and make her feel like her totals are the official)
Puppies of course (from morning to night they grow in front of your eyes)
Head circumference on some babies
one's girth (for the truly motivated) present company Excluded
and the last one I'll offer is: the amount of apricot filled brie I can afford at the farmers market!
Please chime in. Any others that immediately come to mind?

On other notes:
Im showing you the gorgeous label on the coffee Al brought us from Alaska. I want to frame it. But that is just me.

I am trying cooking/scone/bread mixes to see if my ratio of baking success to failure will improve.
I can add a stick of butter,egg and vanilla speedy quick, and have incredible cookies ready pronto.
These were just plain old: White chocolate chip cranberry butter cookies! WONDERFUL>

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Karen said...

I can't leave a comment . . . because my mind is in the gutter. *blush*

kathy b said...

Karen! My mind was in the gutter while I made the list too!

Deb said...

You had me with the coffee!

Katherine said...

My first thought was a puppy's tail because Max is getting longer but no taller and his tail drags the ground. If he doesn't grow up some he will be a strange looking little dog.

Rain gauges: we have been through two in the last six months. The Texas wind and hail either destroys them or carries them away.

Grace said...

I have that same exact bag of coffee, I took a photo of it today to show you tomorrow

kathy b said...

No way Grace! What are the odds? Pretend friends are even more connected than we think!

Unknown said...

I knew a place where you biught fudge by the inch. yum!

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