Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love great customer service....Kollage Needles

Great news! I found the receipt from the Kollage needles we purchased in December. Mark at Kollage is sending replacement needles to me. No hassles involved. Here's to the people at Kollage. The made the day sunny for me.

I had so much fun reading the commets on the questionairre post. Thank you to those who entertained me.

Just so you know: I picked up the jeans that were left in my bushes, with a gloved hand and put them in the trash outside.
I felt a bit guilty for not cleaning them and donating them to charity. I just couldn't do it. My sister would have! And someone would have a pair of needed jeans.....

I'll have to make that one up in spades.

Tried to knit some baby leggings on the el yesterday. We went to the Cubbie game! It was wonderful all the way around. !2-0 win. By evening my arm was twinging.......darn it. Something about circular knitting is the culprit.
Back to flat.
I do however, dream of getting back to my log cabin quilt after I finish the ruffled shawl. I just need to see if the picking up is okay on me. Going back up north inspired me. A dear friend, Karen, offered to do the pickups for me as needed. Like an on call super knit friend.....I will refrain from late night requests at her door!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Bianca said...

That is good to hear :-) A good customer support is essential for a company for sure.

Beverly said...

That's good to know. They were very nice at Stitches. I'm still on the fence about purchasing.

Katherine said...

Do you loan Karen out? I have a bunch of things she could pickup (knitting stitches I mean). What a wonderful friend! You are loved!

Unknown said...

I would have tossed the jeans too. YUCK!

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