Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Guest Blogger

You know when you find a great guest blogger you just have to ask them for a picture. The one on the left was hesitant. The one on the right was so sweet. Both said their wives were knitters! Actually: dare I say I found Santa hanging out on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin last week?

Fireman and i were fishing with a Fireguy . A fireguy is someone who is under 30 and looks to Fireman for advice. THis is pretty much everyone on the Department as Fireman is one of the most senior there. It is a young man's job, for sure. Fireguys tell Fireman, to leave the bag, they'll carry it for him. Fireman doesn't like this......

So I didn't catch any fish. But I was on a boat and the warmth was around us and I knit on the way up and back! Oh joy.

Anyhow I don't have any fishing tips, but I went fishing for knit tips to share so Here you go!

I found Spud and Chloe patterns on the Purlsoho sight. So very cute.

I found SweetGeorgia Yarns having a 40% off sale.

I found some great patterns at ilgaleja.com The lacy top is so summery. Ahhhhh.

I found that our nearby BordersBookstore Cafe serves a seasonal Dreamsicle cookie. To die for. Cookie lovers get there before they change the seasonal cookie. Ahhhhhhh.

Happy fishing.

Happy Guest Blogger. Mrs Claus, he's in jolly good spirits.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

Santa is adorable. What a way to brighten a day! I went to ilgaleja.com and fell in love with the seascape collection especially skin of the sea.

Tell Fireman to enjoy the respect and admiration of younger men. I know (from experience with DS fireman) that he has earned it many times over!

Unknown said...

Spud & Chloe is adorable. I love all the kid knits.

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