Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Ruffled Shawl

That would be the shawl. There are no ruffles yet.

That would be a chilled glass of Riesling.

That would be a tissue with which I wiped my lips and brow.

That would be my corner of the porch!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

Tissue? I thought that was a rose on the corner of the table. How much wine do you have to drink to make a crumpled tissue look like a rose? (I think I've had one glass too many!)

Bianca said...

Hmmm.... a chilled glass of Riesling sounds wonderful!

kathy b said...

Oh you are so correct Katherine. IT DOES look like a white rose. You know me, though, I bare all here on the blog. hahahha.

Grace said...

we enjoyed a lovely icy riesling the other night with some wonderful shrimp in Vodka Sauce Shawl is looking good

Unknown said...

Be careful mixing knitting and wine. I've had to tink a lot that way.

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