Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lisa's summery top

Knit with a few great women the other day. Lisa is knitting a summery top. Her goal is to finish by the end of summer...that means before she goes back to teaching.

The pattern was an original that someone wrote for her for a very very high price. She was a new knitter and got taken, I think by the shop owner. Said shop is no longer in business.

Lisa is using 2 yarns knit together.
Gedifra and Manos Cotto Stria. I love the look.
I don't really like knitting with two yarns together.
I find I knit too tightly as I try to wrangle the yarns to behave.
Something I just know about me now that I have knit for a bit.

Something Lisa knows about herself: she checks her gauge.
She told us the funniest story about all the mittens she knit that didn't fit anyone in her family.
Then she GOT gauge.

Do you knit for guage before you buy the yarn in the shop?
I should.
I never do.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Unknown said...

Pretty top, too bad about the cost of the pattern when so many free ones are available online.

I'd be afraid knitting two yarns together would make it too warm for a summer top.

Katherine said...

Lisa's summer top is going to be beautiful and congratulations to her for checking gauge--someone has to do it! I don't. I'm a so bad about it. Maybe that's why I don't knit sweaters very often.

Grace said...

i rarely check gauge and then only half heartedly I have had some ups and downs because of it!! Hence i like shawls and scarves and other non gauge required items!

me said...

I love your picture of the chairs waiting for the knitters in Lake Geneva! I can picture myself there, and knitting merrily away in the beautiful sunshine, protected by a floppy strawhat and sunscreen!! Thanks for the great stories & pictures!!!

Bianca said...

Neither do I. LOL! Lisa's top looks beautiful though.

Anonymous said...

way to go lisa ! it's coming along great and will look gorgeous on you with your coloring,gage smage everthing i do only needs three balls no matter what just ask karen it,s like magic hahahahaha.

Knitting Kris said...

Hey, thanks for posting such a nice comment on my blog. As it turns out, I'll probably be seeing two patients tomorrow, since I'm the most familiar with their KCI Vac wound dressings......but I put my foot down at that.
Lovely sweater in this post, and I love the purple shawl a couple of posts ago - simply beautiful!

Emily said...

I prefer to have the gauge figured out before I order all the yarn for a project. But I don't always - if there was a sale or something I might go ahead and get it and then make something else if it doesn't work out.

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