Monday, June 01, 2009

FO: First Prayer Shawl

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Leftover sock yarns in 3 colorways.
Angel Hair Yarns ( Tennessee ) Pattern
Butterfly Shawl
Knitted on sqaure circulars....gotta love that
I cast on 180 stitches instead of 360 stitches.
The fun is: you knit the Longest part first.
Crocheted a border and worked the ends in simultaneously.

The best part is: No pain. My prayer shawl was prayers of thanksgiving!

Next up: another shawlette. of course. Bigger yarn. More leftovers.

I have to tell you : The Cake Pie was a bust.
I brought into work all pretty. Then I put it out
and sliced it.....
not cooked enough to eat in the middle!
I think I'll stick to chips and dip.
It is all good. Pretty much anything you bring to work
gets eaten.
(except raw cake....hahahahaha)


Bianca said...

WOW!!!!!Absolutely gorgeous!

Grace said...

Perfect shawl, love the color way!

Jolynn said...
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Jolynn said...

Pretty shawl!

Too bad about the cake pie. :(

Pat K said...

Very patriotic! Perfect for summer.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love this shawl so pretty:)Hugs Darcy
P.S.Where do you get square needles that are circullars at?

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Beautiful shawl, Kath!

Katherine said...

The shawl is beautiful!! I love the colors. I'm glad to hear you are starting another!

Raw cake is okay. You just have to use a spoon instead of a fork. You could have called it a pudding cake!

Ling said...

oh no - sorry about the cake pie! I love your shawl and what a great idea to use up leftover yarn.

kathy b said...


You crack me up. I could have said it was pudding cake, but I was afraid the whole weekend shift would get diarrhea. Then I would be the talk of the unit for YEARS to come.

Beverly said...

Love the patriotic colors. Is this one for you? I hope so. I'm glad you can now knit without pain. That is a blessing and I hope it continues. Did the square needles make a difference?

Natalie Rush said...

So pretty!! I love the colors...patriotic. and cubbies. :)

Unknown said...

Great job! Love it!

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