Friday, May 22, 2009

What I want my knitting to be:

This is the prayers shawl from sockyarns I have been stashing. These are my comfort colors. Blue jeans and bandanna reds.
Garter. All garter. Using the square needles, and I've been really comfortable without any tendon pain.

What's easy and doesn't roll?

garter stitch

What's take along anywhere knitting?

garter stitch

What's talk with a friend knitting?

for me, it's garter stitch.

If all I ever knit were garter shawls for a year would you keep coming around?

What's something I can knit after a mind boggling, emotionally wrenching shift?


Oh Garter stitch, I love thee.

By nature Im wound up tighter than a drum,

I don't need my knitting to be stressful right now.

Garter is my summer theme.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


JustApril said...

GO Garter GO! Sounds like a good plan to me. Nothing like unwinding a tightly wound individual than garter stitch (or stockinette if it's in the round) same difference. knit knit knit knit knit - good plan =)

Ling said...

I love the colours of your shawl. I'm glad you've got something to help you unwind. Hope you're feeling better.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love the shawl and I'm going to start knitting a garter stitch pattern for baby booties.I love my square needles wish I could buy them in every size. Where do you buy yours? Hugs Darcy

blog-blethers said...

lol Say it loud and proud for gool old garter!

Katherine said...

I love garter stitch! So relaxing and I think it is really pretty. Sally Melville's book of garter stitch patterns is one of my favorites. Why not be good to yourself and knit garter stitch!

Emily said...

There is nothing better.

Bianca said...

I am sure that it will bring you many warm hours. And as long as you enjoy it, it will be good.

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