Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saving My Neck

(Non -related image of Poppy at Chicago Botanic Gardens.Taken with my duct taped, medical taped together Fugi Finepix old camera.)

If you read Ravelry you will see an image of the editors at a recent FIber Fest. Most of them are wearing scarves which appear to really be shawls. I love this kerchief look. I'm going to wear mine this way too. I hope it is a trend so people won't look at me as though I've wrapped a shawl around my neck.

I'm into saving my neck. As much as I love v-neck'd everything, I noticed that leathery look to my neckline all winter long......
Fireman will just love my return to the clothing as sunscreen look. Last summer I took a month reprieve and basked in the sunlight, and my blue eyes shot out from my face like something electric. BUT, I suffered for it this winter. My rosacia, the kind that makes little blue lines on your face, surfaced. . The kind people come up to you kindly and try to wipe away as if it were a random Bic blue pen mark. The kind that laser treatments really have no appreciable effect on. The kind you have to COVER UP with sunscreen and hats and the like. Just one brief dance with the sun again, and oh it was a great dance we had, set me back a good number of years on the damage scale.

So its back to dressing like a wanderer in the desert for me. Even on the fishing boat, even on the beach. Swimming after 3 so the sundamage rays are settling.

It's okay though. I'm a knitter. I can knit marvelous things to cover up my neck. I can knit them on my shady porch. So goodbye my summer sunbathing, after all, the kerchief is IN.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

Your old taped together camera really takes good pictures!! I'm so glad to hear about the kerchief being IN. I have a kajillion knitting patterns for them and wondered why I ever downloaded them.

Kim said...

Oh, gosh, I didn't know rosacea did that. I was told I have it but it's really mild and I don't really have flare-ups. But I'm taking your tale as a reminder to always wear sun protection.

Beverly said...

Much better to protect your skin than suffer the consequences. I'm so glad you aren't where the temps frequently hit the high nineties and hundreds.

I have no doubt you'll find plenty of neat cover ups to knit.

JustApril said...

I didn't know poppies came in blue, very pretty!

I'm starting to notice sun damage too, time to bust out the moisturizer! (and sun block)

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