Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was trying for a good picture for the blog at the Botanic Gardens.

I think my Mountain Colors two repeat lace scarf looks not so good at this point.

Anyhow, a family was walking by when I was taking the picture and an inquisitive child said,
"what is that?"

The father said, "Its a turtle with a scarf now LETS GO!"

I remember the LETS GO days in our family. Now the only one who gets that said to them is ME!

Anyhow it is that end of senior year at high school time at our house. Last night I knitted during an awards ceremony.
We were expecting severe weather. I figured I wanted to have my knitted when the tornado went over the school gymnasium. I think it warded off the severe weather during the ceremony. I only dropped one stitich between knitting and putting it down for al the applauding we did.

Have you dropped a stitch lately?

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

Your Mountain Colors scarf looks wonderful. Beautiful design AND color!!

I've been rushing to finish the Alix shawl (two more rows) so I'm expecting to be dropping a lot of stitches in the hurry to bind off.

I remember the high school awards days. You were very wise to take your knitting along! Best wishes to all during this time of transition.

Grace said...

the scarf is beautiful and yes I have dropped a stitch or two lately, its what I get for being in a hurry!

Karen said...

That's too funny. "It's a turtle with a scarf" . . . like they wear them all the time. Bahahahahaha

Bianca said...

LOL! A turtle with a scarf! Hahaha! That comment made me laugh out loud.

But... the compliment is yours, my friend! I love the colours and the pattern you used in this one.

JustApril said...

The stuff we parents say as a matter of fact. LOL I'm still laughing. The scarf looks good to me, unblocked lace droops instead of drapes, that's all. I'd say that turtle never looked so happy.

And yes, I'm always dropping a stitch here or there, especially when I'm caught off guard by random turtles.

Jennifer said...

That is too funny.

It's a turtle wearing a scarf. Now Let's Go.

Y'know I'm going to be using that one all the time.

; )

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