No scrubbing here today! Just knitting .....:)

Grace from LovinComfort blog sent me this pretty ruffled cloth and scrubbie. Isn't it cute? I LOVE the ruffle. I can't use it yet, it is too cute.....Grace, you rock.

Happy Mother's Day to every woman out there who mother's someone, something or somepet. S pecial Happy Mother's day to knit moms! I'm off to knit while my favorite dinner, that I requested is being made for me. (hot Dogs on the grill!)
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said…
Happy Mother's Day!! That cloth and scrubbie are so cute! I need to make some of the scrubbies.

Enjoy your grilled hot dogs. (I had Thai food prepared by our sweet Thai DIL). Then it's on to the couch with the knitting--or a nap.
Grace said…
Happy Mothers Day Tom grilled kabobs but hot dogs would have been just as yummy
Karen said…
A new cloth, knitting time, and your favorite dinner? Sounds like a pretty perfect Mother's Day!! Glad you are having a good one. K.C. sends kitty kisses to her cat-godmother! (And her tests confirmed that she still has hormones and will need exploratory surgery. *frown*)
Jennifer said…
Ah - Kathy - what a great Mother's Day gift you gave me unknowingly. My mom had that pitcher when I was growing up and it put a smile on my face seeing one just like it on your blog. : )

Hope you had a great Mother's Day.
Was there some baseball to go along with those hot dogs? Hope so.
Olivia said…
Happy Mother's Day Mama- you are the best. Sorry, no knitted gifts this year- guess that means I'm not winning daughter of the year.

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