It is a double header post day....

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Here is my Knitty falling leaves lace scarf underway. I am enjoying this one even more than the last two scarves. I am using a lace technique that one of you sent me for the 1000th post contest.

While I Know that i CAN read charts, and I am deleriously proud of my left brain activity in this regard,
I am the wordy type. So, I have been using the word pattern for the scarf, not the chart. One of you told me you do this. I am indebted to my highlighter tape for this. I just move the highlighter tape down with each row to keep my from goofing up when I am watching TV while I knt.

I'll continue to use both methods for lace, chart and word. There is no right way... you all have grown me up to believe that I know
the boss of my own knitting.
Sometimes I love being the boss. I get to be the boss on Mothers day too. Do you?


I love the color what yarn are you using? the pattewrn is lovely great job:)((((Hugs))))) Darcy
Lynne said…
I have to get me some of that highlighter tape. Usually I just use a regular highlighter on my pattern copy to help me keep place.
It's a pretty scarf, Kathy B!
My husband would say that I'm pretty much the boss every day!
Bianca said…
The boss on Mother's Day? Nah...

I love to see your is looking very nice.
Virtuous said…
Luv highlighter tape too!!

But when doing something I am trying to follow along with and not loose my place I make index cards (as you saw on my blog) if there is a consistent repeat.

OR I pull out my chart reader from Knit Picks as it is easier to pull down the magnet bar with each line.

I mainly use my highlighter tape to literally highlight something I think I might overlook later. Or as an "attention attention" grabber.

But luv the fact/advice that "You are the boss over your knitting!!"
That is my new mantra for 09 now! Haha!

Cute quiz (a few post ago) but I don't know you well enough (yet) since this is my 1st visit to your blog! :o)
JustApril said…
I was going to suggest the Knit Picks thing, too - SO awesome.

The scarf is loverly - lace is fun =)
Katherine said…
That's right!! You be the boss!! Chart or written--whatever works. So glad you are in charge of today. Mothers deserve it!

I had a lounge act version of Happy Mother's Day To You sung to me. I need to get those kids set up in a Vegas act!

I love the scarf color, design and all.
Ling said…
The scarf is gorgeous!! It's great when you have a method that works!

Happy Mother's Day!

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