Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Irisheyes' Lynn FO: Zimmerman baby sweater in Koigu

Lynn told me she wasn't sure how it was going to turn into a sweater as she knitted it up. She said she found a good pattern rewrite on Ravelry and just made the leap of knit faith. Adorable Lynn. Kudos to you for a marvelous baby gift for our mutual friend at work. I gave the new mom to be, a Walgreen's gift certificate. Useful, oh yes. Adorable, not even close!

I'm not ready to be a leap of faith knitter yet. But I am working on my color confidence. At ColorJoy on Ravelry's suggestions I am looking at fabrics I am drawn to for more color knowledge. My favorite crayola's were cadet blue and poppy. I would never ever have picked the colorway Lynn choose for the baby sweater, and yet it is marvelous isn't it? So now that we've done the black and white question (all you dogs and cats are the best examples!) lets do the color question.

What color has suprised you lately???

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said...

I think oranges and pinks together surprise the heck out of me and yet they have worked so many times before, teal and plums with dashes of blue and gold.

Katherine said...

I can't wait to get the Blue Moon Fibers Hot Flash on the needles! I love the color of Lynn's baby sweater. It has made me think about making one for our new grandbaby in hot pink!

JustApril said...

A red JellyBelly gave me a surprise today. I was expecting cinnamon and got very cherry =)

I've been wanting to try that EZ pattern because it confuses me. Leaps of faith are interesting.

Bianca said...

Beautiful colours in this one!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I'm amazed at the different shades of blue.I'm thinking I made need to pull out my koigu for a baby item do some stash busting:)Hugs Darcy

Unknown said...

Nicely done! My BSJ turned out so crappy I had to frog.

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