In the dog house....

Went to son's school ceremony with duct taped and medical taped together favorite camera for now.
Lost door to little balck thing that has the pictures on it.
Tried to use other camera for prom pictures.
Lucky everyone has cameras now. Mine came out awful .

Now you couldn't take a bad pciture of this group of young adults
dressed in tuxes and gowns
at someone's house that has a pool that they all stood along,
several gardens,,
a long winding staircase that held 12 couples at once giggling
and looking fresh and young and alive
and its own stable on the :property.

BUt I did. silver linig: other parents will share
their gorgeous pics

THEN, I began to eat pbj's and tell fireman I am seriously
saving for new camera.

Fireman says a few days later:
"what if I just went out and brought a new camera home?"
(we never do this kind of thing. NEVER')
I said, "GREAT There is only one feature I have to have, with the candids."

Then, later, much later that day,
so much later that it is the wee hours when very few people have any lights on at all
when I am driving home from a late night at work-
I decide to check my NEW very own cell phone for messages.

I call a number and it rings and rings
and Im thnking
darn, this stupid new phone it wont even let me get my messages,
when my hearts stops and I realize I've called my own home phone
because I am such an idot.

I hang up fast
I pray I didnt wake anyone. Sleep is hugely valued ,
fieman has had 26 years of being awakened at night.

THen NEW CELL phone, rings me back
It's Fireman
sleepily, concerned,
Are you okay?
he's got that scratchy half asleep sound to him
what's wrong Kath?

"Oh I am an idiot honey. Im fine.
I accidentally called our home phone to
check our messages. Im so so so sorry."

Fireman says, "its okay. drive safe"

There goes my camera..
shot myself in the foot........

I'm in the dog house all day
Im putting myself there
(catholic guilt)


of course Huck is going with me to the dog house, so
it won't be so bad. We'll snuggle......

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said…
I KNOW all about the doghouse right now, and I am alone in it Do you have room for a pretend friend???
JustApril said…
aawww poor you - don't ya just hate the self imposed guilt trips? Don't stay in there too long, might get fleas. =))
Must be something in the water do you have room for me and grace in there?((((Hugs))))))Darcy
Olivia said…
Let that Catholic guilt go, the fireman is used to being awakened in the night and will get over it. On the bright side, you didn't wake me at all-haha.
kathy b said…
Grace and Darcy, you can always join me and Huck in the doghouse.
Im out now however. JustApril and Allison convinced me. I also made fireman a wonderful dinner and dessert last night. Salmon marinated in soy and maple syrup. Asparagus. Wild rice. and for dessert a homemade mixed berry pie........
Katherine said…
The dog house is almost my permanent residence! I have a solution--YOU buy Fireman a camera as a way of saying "I'm sorry" and then you use it because you know he would want you to! Right?
Ling said…
Hope you're out of the dog house now.
Lynn said…
Father's day is coming. Maybe foreman would love a cametra for his gift !

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