Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Connect the Dots knitting

I was searching for Barbie. You would think this would be easy. No. Barbie is not easy to find in a world of Disney Princesses and Hannah Montana everything. Not to mention Dora the Explorer and Bratz dolls. All of them have their place, but I needed Barbie. This neice is the 4th or 4 girls with a significant age gap between the rest. Hannah Montana was playing with Barbie when these big sisters were growing up. Disney had a Princess or two. And I believe Ken was still interested in Barbie then.

Anyhow after a long search, I found some Barbie coloring books. They came with crayons. Real crayons that make color on paper and perhaps the table they are colored on. My sister still believes it is okay to have paint to play with. No water magic stuff that keeps the precious house perfect. She also believes in play doh. I love my baby sister for this.

While I was searching for Barbie things, I found a connect the dots coloring book. You see, this is where my art habits were formed. If you could count, and I could!, you could make a picture. Who knew what the picture would be? That was half the fun. Figuring it out.

Now I have been trying to find my Color Self to help with my yarn choices.
Well I now know why I am having a hard time.
I need connect the dots knit patterns!
Do this and this and this
and it will suddenly be something.
Without even thinking about it!
I once got a D in art.
(have I already mentioned this?)

So no wonder I look like this LIFE mag knitter trying in earnest to knit something great.
Does anyone know of connect the dots knitting???

Did you connect the dots?
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Elaine said...

Oh how I loved follow the dots. Coloring books were fun but nothing compared to follow the dots. I haven't thought of them in years. Thanks for the memory.

Katherine said...

I would always look at connect the dots and see an abstract picture so that's probably why charts make more sense to me than written instructions.

I guess we each knit in a different way--continental, throw, instructions, charts. Isn't that neat!!

BTW didn't they outlaw Barbie for being too "womanly"?

JustApril said...

I learned lots from "The Knitting Bible". They have lots of step by step instructions. Even so, I'm still a little scared of a few things out there. Sometimes you just gotta take a leap.

Lynn said...

I loved follow the dots too. My all time favorites were paper dolls. The kind you really had to cut out, no punch out, stick on's for me. I loved to cut them out so much I would cut them for anyone who asked. Any other paper doll lovers? There was a large store in Old Orchard when it foirst opened, I go way back here, and they had the most amazing selection of colpring books, dollow the dots and paper dolls. Is anyone old enough to remember that store I can't think of the name.

Elaine said...

I also loved paper dolls - wow. I forgot about them too. I had boxes of them cut out and would change their outfits over and over again.

By the time my daughter came along, they were the punch out type - not nearly as much fun.

You've lured me back out of lurking mode

kathy b said...

So happy you have commented again Elaine. i love to hear from you. I also Loved cut out dolls. and the outfits. I will ask my mom about the Old Orchard shop.....she has a fantastic memory!


Elaine said...

Thanks. I'm fundamentally a lurker but also life has also been intruding lately. I hope it's now a bit more quiescent.

Rachel graduated from Brown last weekend, with honors and won her department's outstanding research award. We are all very proud of her.

The good news is that she has a very good job next year. The bad news is that it is in France (bad from her mother and grandmother's perspectives, great from hers)

Unknown said...

That knitter looks like she's working WAY too hard.

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