Friday, May 29, 2009

Cakey goodness

If you read CAKESPY then you'll recognize this dessert. It has all the ingredients for me to succeed!

You use a premade pie shell, premade cookie dough, funfetti cake mix, and premade frosting.
25 minutes at 350 then frost it when it is cool.
We'll see.
I'm bringing it to work tonight as a treat.
Do you bring treats to work?
I try to on occasion.
It is one more thing to carry from the parking lot into the maze that leads to the NICU.
But we all are thrilled when there is a treat in the lounge.

FO soon! My prayer shawl. :)

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Bianca said...

Oh my! The pie sure looks delicious!

Mt DD usually brings home pies after work on Saturdays. Eating them for a year made me gain a few kilo's for sure

Karen said...

I used to love to bring baked goods to work. Especially if there was a handsome co-worker who's eye I was trying to catch. (It even worked a couple of times, although dating co-workers isn't the best idea - especially when break-up time comes around.) Hope everyone enjoys your treat!!!

Grace said...

give us a link to Cakespy!!! the cake looks wonderful to me----I am going thru a sweet yen at the moment

Katherine said...

Can't wait to see the shawl! The pie looks yummy. Nurse DD takes goodies to the ER all the time. Those nurses eat like linebackers but are on their feet moving so fast that they burn it off. Me--I'll gain 5 pounds if I click over to Cakespy!

kathy b said...


Sorry no link. it is

:) Enjoy Grace. It is really for those of us without a Tommo to bake us great things.

wvkelly said...

I didn't know that you worked in the NICU! I worked in one in Arlington TX for 2.5 years and in Silver Spring MD for 1 year. I was the unit secretary on night shift. Small world. I crocheted in the unit a lot back then. So many pregnant nurses that needed baby blankets.

Happy knitting,
Kelly (wvkelly on Ravelry)

Unknown said...

Yum! Treats in the lounge are ALWAYS a good idea.

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