Black and white favorites

#1 Karen's gorgeous summer sweater which she promises to finish.

#2 comic strips

#3 Black and white cookies

#4 my neighbors new adopted dog; Louie. He's black and white

#5 the wizard of oz scenes with the tornado coming

Do you have a favorite black and white????

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Bianca said…
My favourite black and white you can find here:
kathy b said…

I can surely see why! he's adorable and the sweater is amazing. :)
Grace said…

And I agree about black and white cookies
Woven Spun said…
my sons new room all to himself....he plans for it to be black and white. I am sure I will love it and he will love it
Jennifer said…
#3 - Black and White cookies.

; D
Karen said…
Of course I do, silly. My favorite black and white is your god-kitten!! :)
JustApril said…
"I Love Lucy"

The checkered flag at the end of the race

2 kitties I used to have

Yakko, Wakko and Dot
gogo dresses;)Hugs Darcy
Lynn said…
Black cow soda's in summer.
Black and white old cartoons.
Seeing waiters in black and white uniforms at a great restaurant.
Angel said…
My favorite black and white is my dog Chloe- she's all black with white patches on her chest and toes!!!
Katherine said…
The pages of the books I've been reading! I have been reading non-stop lately. Let's face it, TV is a disaster! Oh, and I love black and white cookies too. To much!
Susie said…
My dog, Grace, and I have to agree with you on the cookies.
wvkelly said…
Who could pass up Oreos??? That is the number one black and white in crosswords.
Donna Boucher said…
Photographs :o)
Black and white ones are beautiful to me!

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