Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 Things to Tell you

1. Louet skirt Pattern. Knitted by Lynnette at 3 Bags for runway show.
Yarns: Linen Louet Euroflax and Claudia Handpaint Linens.

2. This sort of knitting inspires me.
Not that I am going to knit this skirt....
but it inspires me nonetheless to see someone else did.

3. Pretend Kitty came through surgery without a hitch.

4. The Linen skirt felt scratchy to the touch.

5. I have two things on the needles.
The Red River lace scarf.
AND a pair of socks.
I had to start socks because I am running out of my old socks.

6. Porch knitting likely this warm weekend if the forecast holds true.

7. No new camera yet.

8. Must find good porch chair for knitting.

9. Must clean porch first...ewww
it is a dirty dirty job.

10. I'm going to raise some eyebrows here:
I think medicinal marajauna has its place in pain control.
I'm all about less sufferering.

There is too much suffering.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

We have the flue and my head is killing me so even though I would love to knit my head says no way.Hugs Darcy

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your medical marijuana comment. It has changed my husband's life -- he is in constant, chronic pain. The side effects are waayyyy less than the prescribed heavy duty pain-killers. I read your blog for the knitting but I had to comment. I hope others agree with you.

Karen said...

No raised eyebrows here!! I agree, no one should have to suffer when there is something that can help them.

Bernadette said...

That is an... interesting... skirt. Definitely one for the Free Spirits out there. (Not one I'd knit or wear.) It looks very warm with its three layers, though by the yarn content I assume it's meant for Spring.

Hope Pretend Kitty is feeling better. The vets I have dealt with are pretty good in their pet-bedside manner.

I have no problem with medical marijuana or any other drug that has a real medical application. If you have a prescription from a real MD for a real medical condition, that's enough for me. And this is from a person who has never smoked it, ever.

rita said...

When I saw that pattern, I knew it was knit with Claudia's yarn. I have a bunch of that linen, but I don't know what to do with it. (It was one of the perks of working for her--free yarn that she was discontinuing!) I'll never knit that pattern either; isn't the skirt awfully heavy?

I've never smoked anything, but I have a hellacious chronic cough. If marijuana helped it, you can bet I'd try it. Yes, it should be allowed.

Never used any drugs (except legally prescribed ones) (okay, maybe some were prescribed for other people) but I'm all for legalizing street drugs--then taxing the hell out of them.

Katherine said...

Pain control for those with chronic pain is worthwhile no matter what method is used. I'm all for the medicinal use of marijuana!!

The skirt is beautiful but I don't enjoy linen and bamboo. They seem so scratchy to me, and part of the pleasure of knitting is the soft texture of the yarn. It's not something I would try, but maybe we could all split it up and each do a layer.

Emily said...

I hope the chair is a rocking chair, that sounds idyllic!

My eyebrows didn't budge.

Teresa in Virginia said...

I tend to agree with you on two issues:

My porch is probably just as ewwy and requires my undivided attention.

I also agree with you when it comes to medicinal marijuana. When our brother was terminally ill with cancer in 2001, I found out he was using m.j. for nausea and pain. I could not and did not object. He was already suffering enough. Maybe it's time our lawmakers looked that the human aspect of this issue.

Elaine said...

I'll weigh in on medical marijuana too. I think it's criminal that it's NOT LEGAL. As a cancer patient who went through chemo and radiation and was sick as a dog, I would have used anything that made the nausea better. I have a very high threshold for pain, and dislike any pain killers. I had 3 rounds of surgery for the cancer and never took so much as an aspirin, although I had lots of prescriptions. I didn't need them and I know they make me feel terrible. I also have a stomach like a rock. I don't think I had vomited once since I was a 3 year old and had my tonsils out. I expected to have no problem with the chemo - other people got sick from it, not me. Well to make a long story short, no matter how many drugs they gave me before each treatment, I was sick. I tried literally dozens of prescriptions to handle the nausea, and nothing worked. If I could have easily gotten my hands on some marijuana, it would have been rolled into joints in an instant. Oh for my college days :-).

The bottom line is that no one should have to suffer when there is something that can help them. I agree wholeheartedly that many prescription pain killers are more addictive than marijuana, and are very ripe for abuse, yet we see the value of them. I think this is something left over from a different era - the days of the devil weed. Let's get into the 21st century and make it legal!

Oh yeah, and I'd pass on the skirt too.

kathy b said...

Oh Elaine

THere is nothing more tortuous than nausea. Im so sorry you had to go through that. Really.

Unknown said...

I'm with you all the way on 10. Especially with cancer patients.

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