What should we do now?

Happy Spring. Lest you think my part of the world is covered in beauty, it is not. This is the only flower sighting with a mile of my home. I'm impatient at best, for the green up to start. Midday and its 37 degrees out. Oh well, I can wear my dream in color hat a bit more. That is one bright side.

I am impatent as well for the week to be over. My dear mom told me not to knit a week ago. I had a steroid injection on the 10th and the instructions were to let it rest as much as humanly possible for 3 weeks. I am off from work for a good stretch coincidentally at this time, so it is arm's best chance to heal. That is one for the bright side.

Al and Fireman will attest to the fact that I am asking, "what should we do NOW?" about a hundred times a day. I've been going to bed at 830 pm. Oh yes, I get up at the regular time. Al left me a list of things to try when I cannot knit today and I am home. They included learning how to fold a fitted sheet. I did go to youtube and watched a demo. I think I agree with a comment to the instructional video,* which was very good.* However , I am not worried about anyone looking in the upstairs linem closet either. I think people around here appreciate a clean sheet whether it is folded nicely or not.

I reorganized the stash yesterday. I was disheartened at how much yarn I have that is leftover. I've decided this:
I need a creamy colored Koigu. Then I will knit Socks with the leftover colored yarns for cuff,heel and toe. The rest of the sock will be cream colored. Or, I can knit the cuff, heel and toe with cream and do the rest in colors.

I am baking. Chocolate chip cookies right now. I found a recipe that called for melting the butter first. I liked this idea. Fireman had to do all the stirring for me. These cookies have decent curb appeal. Or whatever you call it for food. Presentation, I guess. Anyhow, half are with milk chocolate,, and half with semi sweet. Must try to please all the palates on the very rare occasion when I bake.

We are having meatloaf tonight. I think I am much more food focued when I am prohibited from knitting.
I shouldn't be keyboarding either. Fireman makes a mean meatloaf. He was told when he joined the Fire Dept that Firemen are expempt from giving up meat for Lent.

Hmmm what should we do NOW? Perhaps I'll look for a yarn bargain for my Frugal Hungarian Swapper Katherine.
20 really doesn't go far these days. What is your best source for a good deal on yarn?

Have you ever melted the butter before you baked the cookies?

Do you like the leftover yarn idea????

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Anonymous said…
I like it! Dark yarn (like grey or something) would also look great with a bright heel/toe.
Grace said…
Kathy I was watching Guy Fieri tonight, Diners Drive ins and Dives and he was at Hackney's in Glenview, are you familiar with it!!!

Love the use up the yarn idea! I have big feet and love crazy socks! I could help you out by donating my feet to your project
Jennifer said…
Rest. Rest. Rest. Read some good books. Watch some good DVDs. Putter around the house. Please let your arm heal. (I had a horrible arm problem a few years ago and couldn't knit - remember?). Go for a walk with a good friend.

My cookies never work with melted butter. The recipes always seem to call for butter left at room temperature, but who are we kidding? When I want to bake cookies, I want them right now, so I take 2 sticks of butter and microwave them for about 15-20 seconds which softens them but doesn't melt them.

Hope you're arm heals quickly!
ACraftyKnitter said…
Wait- you can fold a fitted sheet? Really? I've never managed it....

As for the melted butter thing, I find that the cookies spread a lot more in the oven when you do that, so leave a lot of extra room on the sheet. This makes them thinner and crisper. Personally, I prefer them the other way.
Ling said…
Instead of tempting me with knitting, you are doing it with food. I feel like making cookies....mmmmm, yum!

Also, rest that arm. Hope it gets better soon.
Elaine said…
My best yarn bargains are from my LYS bargain bin. Mostly it is one of this and one of that. If I like the yarn, I generally buy it with nothing in mind. You can never tell and it was a deal.

Which brings me to the multi-yarn socks. I've made lots of those because of the above. Sometimes she's have 2 different 50gm sock yarns. If I can, I make the feet part of one and the top in the other. I try to have them sort of coordinate. So the foot is a tweedy red while the cuff is a striped with red in it. I think they look cool and no one sees the foot part anyway except my shoe, and given that I work with a bunch of male tech types, they wouldn't notice no matter what. But I really do like them - sort of happy feet.
Anonymous said…
One of the blogs I read, Bohemian Road Nurse http://bohemianknitter.blogspot.com. She knits house socks in many colors. Each sock is a reverse image of the other's colors but she wears them together. I love it!!

We had leftover meatloaf sandwiches a few nights ago. That's my favorite way to eat meatloaf. All our chocolate chip cookies are frozen because that's the way our kids like them. When they come over they always hit the freezer first for cookies.

I think Elan is still the best source for good prices on yarn. I like the leftover yarn idea. We should all swap leftovers! I get tired of looking at mine.
rita said…
My grandmother could fold a fitted sheet so well that I couldn't tell (on the shelf) if it was flat or fitted. Me? I don't give a flying crap! If my husband suggested that......

I love the leftover yarn idea. Good way to go. Also, if you wanted to, you could knit little mitred squares, but those make my wrists hurt, so it might not be a good idea.
Bernadette said…
Sorry to hear you must give up the needles for a while... I've been there, and it's tough! Going through the stash was a good idea - perhaps you can also go through your patterns, mags, etc - plan for the future and get rid of those you don't want? It's still knitting related, at least! MY other fave hobby is photography... Now that Spring is just around the scorner, maybe you can get out and get some more pics of those lovely spring flowers. (I like the shot of the crocuses).

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