Saturday, March 14, 2009

PreBeaded Yarns....Delish

Now that's a luxury yarn. Someone already put the beads in just the right spots for you. No wonder it is pricey.
That's a whole lot of mac'n cheese dinners.
Or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Fireman doesn't know that my launch into lace means he'll learn to block. What Fireman doesn't know usually hurts him.
Grace's Tom does all her blocking.

I've had to use a lifeline and glad I was, that it was there.

I do have this intense concentration when I work from the chart. It is a bit like dog agility was for me. Makes my brain tired in a very good way. I hear I'm snoring more since I started the Lace scarf........

What makes you snore more?

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Anonymous said...

DH doesn't block, but he does very kindly agree to eat dinner at the patio table when I use the dining room table for blocking.

I always say that I don't snore--I just emit bunny whispers, but DH swears he sleeps with a big snoring rabbit several nights a week.

Anonymous said...

Serious luxury! mmmmm

Fireman will get the hang of it!

Karen said...

Oh yes, life-lines are a must. Never ever knit lace without them!!! Life-lines and silence. Oh, and good lighting. :) When do we get to see pictures of your lace?

Bianca said...

Interesting question. Usually DH snores, and our Wietse snores too. I usually lie awake and listen to them.
The yarns are really beautiful! But I don't see myself working with beaded yarns yet... but what is not can always come...LOL

Beverly said...

Tilli is too rich for my blood. I'll have to keep stringing my own beads.

My family says my snoring is off the chart. I'll get the results of my sleep test tomorrow. I didn't always snore like this, but then I was about 50-60 pounds lighter.

Anonymous said...

My dog snores. She sleeps on the bed with me and some nights she really SNORES. Like serious dog snoring. Once she was snoring and dreaming something (she was running in her sleep) and she accidently kicked the cat who often sleeps right next to her. He got mad and bit her and she woke up and they both tumbled off the bed in a big cat-dog fight. It was kinda funny.

Bernadette said...

Hubby says when I lost weight I didn't snore, but since I put some of it back, the snoring has returned. I also think it has to do with allergies, which I have year-round. Allergy meds reduce my snoring somewhat.

ROFL at Angel's story... both my dogs snore, and sometimes they twitch and/or whimper/ruff softly... They haven't ended up in fights...yet...

Grace said...

I snore sometimes so badly that Tom wakes me up saying the neighbors are complaining, other nights I am so quiet he wakes me up to see if I am alive

Can we re-iterate the guidlines of the swap again. Can I use things I have here, like teas, or chocolates, or extra doo-dads, or do I have to buy everything and keep it under 20$, I don't want to break any rules!!

Elaine said...

The yarn is fabulous. Wow!

As for snoring, DH says I snore, but it is him snoring so loud that it wakes him up and he hears himself. :-)

I came from a part of NY that was all Irish. Everyone was named Eileen, Maureen, Kathleen, Patricia ... even the boys.

Enjoy tomorrow. One year on St Patty's Day I was on the train in NY sitting next to a young woman with a strong brogue. I asked her where she lived. She said Dublin. I said that I meant now, not originally. She said: I live in Dublin now, I'm just visiting here for St Patty's Day; there's nowhere better you'd be wanting to be to celebrate it.

Unknown said...

So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have recently found out that I snore and it wakes my husband. Then I didn't sleep for two nights while I listened for my own snoring. I wonder if I have to get one of those breathing machines? How sexy would that be at night?

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Allergies are aweful hubby says I snore alot but I know I elbow him often and ask him to turn on his side for Darcy

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