Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Tea Cosies.

The only tea cozy I've ever made I made for Grace at LovinComfotKnits. I felted one. Grace was the one who decided to do a swap with me the last time I tried to run a swap. Now Grace is a great tea cozy knitter. Today's two teapot knits were found on the Web. I did write the links down and they are on a piece of paper somewhere.

My favorite tea is Tazo Passion Tea.

Speaking of Swaps, A few of you have let me know you'd like to try the 20 dollar include your receipts swap. Anyone else out there? More details to come. Basically you can only spend 20 dollars and you have to prove you didnt spend anymore than this amount. Shipping not included. It will be called the Frugal Hungarian Swap. Unless you would like to suggest another great name! Please, feel free

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


kathy b said...

I found one of the links: Laughing Hens Tea Cozy

Ling said...

I really want to make a tea cozy (one day, when time magically slows dow, so that I can catch up with my knitting!)

I love the idea of the frugal Hungarian Swap. I fear with the bad exchange rate, my parcel will be very frugal!!

Grace said...

I am still waiting for the pattern from England for the adorable tea cozy you pictured a few weeks back

I will do the frugal Hungarian Swap,and try to drum up some others when I mention it in my blog tomorrow!

Bianca said...

I like the tea cozy's, but am not a tea drinker... except iced tea...LOL!

Actually I am spoiled. With my senseo coffeemaker I can also make tea and hot chocolate, if I change the pod holder. Easy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Those are cute tea cozies! We drink tons of Tazo Calm during tax season--too fast to bother keeping it warm with a cozy, but I'd love one anyway. Looking forward to the Frugal Hungarian Swap!

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