Monday, March 02, 2009

The Log Cabin

It is a good thing no one needs the Log Cabin for winter survival. The logs are getting bigger and longer and heavier. It takes time time time to show any progress. I do believe it will be a favorite of mine when it is finished. I work on it for short periods because I cannot stay with one needle size too long. This is the ying and the yang of blanket/afgan knitting. Lots of time to invest before you are rewarded, yet the reward will be wonderful. I guess I'll have to back it. It isn't really reversible.

So that's the knitting image for today.

Here are my thoughts on the upcoming 1000th post:

*I'm sure I am overthinking it.

*I want to give a wonderful prize

*This means a fun contest

*What kind of prize do you like the most? Yarn? Notions? Knitting Bags?

*There is only going to be one prize winner.

*I am wondering about a swap? It would be a 20$$ swap. You would have to send your swapper all the receipts and prove you didnt' over spend.

*The swap and the contest would be different. Am I coming across clearly?

*There won't be any review of previous posts. I don't like to look back and get nostalgic. Ever.

*I'm waiting for inspriation. The muse. The blog friends thoughts..........

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Anonymous said...

I think you are right to not look back. I get really weirded-out when I do that! Tell us where you're going instead of where you've been. What are you planning for the next 1000 posts? I can't wait!

The Log Cabin is gorgeous! I love the bright colors.

My contest/swap input would be: you can't have enough knitting bags and a $20 swap would be great fun!

Elaine said...

I love the log cabin blanket. 1000 posts - amazing! To me that's beyond human comprehension :-)

As for the contest - make it fun to read the entries. A plain comment contest will get you lots of entries, but most will be "happy blogiversary". Since you like humor, make it a funny story about knitting or something like that. Tailor it to your interests/tastes.

As for prizes, maybe special needles - something that most of us don't treat ourselves to all the time like Lantern Moon needles or whatever you favorite is, or a set. Yarn, of course, is always great.

Jennifer said...

Log Cabin is great. It will be well worth all the effort. Just keep your eye on the finish line. The best thing about an afghan is that it generally has a longer life than a sweater or mittens. BF uses his Wedding Blanket every night. He has a smile on his face each night when he tucks in for the night. : )

Beverly said...

Wow! 1000th. I like all kinds of prizes and yes you are overthinking it.

I wish I could knit an afghan. That's the one project I could never commit to.

Bianca said...

The swap sounds like fun. I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Including the receipts is hysterical! Make a second log cabin and attach it to the back. It would be so warm and heavy that you would never get off of the couch when.

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