A Limerick for You

There once was a lassie who balked
at stopping her knitting for naught,
and her dog was so smart
he mastered the art
of walking himself round the block.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said…
Happy st. Patrick's Day kathy!!
Karen said…
So funny - complete with a picture of Huck waling himself. LOL Happy St Patrick's day!!
Marguerite said…
Thanks for the laugh.
Anonymous said…
That is so funny! Huck is so cute with his leash. You will have to get him another dog to put on the end of the leash.
Jennifer said…
Gosh darn it - you are too funny. I love Limerick Day at Irish Eyes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Hope you and the fireman are having a fun celebration tonight.

: )
Anonymous said…
Huck is amazing how he does walk,
next thing you know, he will start to talk. (Unless he does that already ! )
Natalie Rush said…
That is too cute! there are so many goldens who do this. Mine does not. She carries socks and stuffed toys that's it. :)

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