Thursday, February 26, 2009

Women who knit during Labor

Here's one. I wondered if I google Imaged Knitting during labor, if i'd get an image. Here she is. Knitting in what I must assume is early labor. I don't see women in early labor. When we get to the delivery room just before the birth, there is some serious singing of the baby song going on. (the baby song is when you walk near the room and you hear the laborer vocalizing loudly).

Some unrelated follow ups:

I am Huckmom on Ravelry. Thanks for asking Bev.

I was in labor 21 years ago tomorrow with Al. Epidural all the way. The Olympics were going on. She came a day early.

I'm going to knit tomorrow to celebrate and make up for not knitting in early labor 21 years ago. I would have made a bunch of mistakes then anyhow. I can only imagine the look of some knitting I did back then on that day!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Karen said...

I've never been in labor, but any woman who can knit during it has my utmost respect. :) I have, however, knit with low blood sugars - it isn't easy.

Happy early birthday to Al.

Tracy Batchelder said...

I just added you to my Ravelry friends list.

Anonymous said...

When DD#2 was born I was crocheting an afghan right up to the moment they took me to delivery. (Spinal block) I don't crochet anymore but I still have the afghan. Thanks for the memory reminder Kathy! These days it's all knitting and tax forms.

Pat K said...

Happy Birthday to Al!

Ling said...

Happy Birthday Al.

Having been through labour 3 times, I didn't have the zen-calm thing going on to knit. 2 babies came super quick and 1 was causing too much pain to knit. I remember the baby song ( it still gives my hubby nightmares!!)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Al! L&D would be a fun job. 99% happy.

Bernadette said...

Happy birthday Al!

Paula #870 said...

yes, L&D would be fun! I was a labor coach many many times when I was Director of a Maternity Home...I know that 'baby song', well :) I wish I had knitted back then, boy would it have helped the time to pass!

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