Friday, February 20, 2009

More Bags

These are also for sale at my LYS. Much more affordable for me. They are so cute. Have you ever felted and painted a purse?

I was reading about purse inserts in a magazine the other day. Since I have good success with purses, in some respects, I am looking into them. I have a few sac like purses I have made. Everything just falls into the middle of them. These inserts would make them more organized.

And why I'm on purses ,can we talk pens? Someone's pen leaked onto my leather purse the other day. Pens often go through wash in our house. Everyone has done their own laundry in our home since they were in jr. high. I think children learn the chore their mother dislikes doing the most, first.
Anyhow, maybe I should only put good pens in my handknit purses. I don't mind losing a leather purse bougth at a severely reduced price, but a handknit would be heartbreaking!

Other purse thoughts?
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Anonymous said...

OMG those bags are adorable! I just lost my favorite "teacher bag" to an uncapped sharpie marker. :(


Claudia Bugh said...

So cute! Which LYS carries these?

Unknown said...

Chapstick ruins more things in the laundry than I can remember. But it's usually my fault. Ooops!

Ling said...

Usually I'm the thing that ruins thing in the laundry. Chucking normal sized sweater into the wash for it to become a small felted item. Yup!

Those bags are super cute. I like the other ones too.

Anonymous said...

Love the little insert bags! I always carry my big knitting bag and the inserts would help me to stay organized instead of having to dig for my phone when it rings. I miss a lot of calls!

On a recent trip I gave in and wore a fanny-pack. I looked as silly as anyone else who carries a fanny-pack, but gosh it was convenient! After that DD bought me a wallet on a string. There's a message in there somewhere!

Beverly said...

The only thing I have a bad habit of leaving in my clothes is money. I found 2 dollars in the was today.

I carry plastic notions bag in my knitting bag. I tend to buy purses that have lots of pickets.

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