Minnesota Magic

Short story.

Visited Vet Sister in St. Paul.
Invigorated by fall colors at peak.
Manipulated agenda.
Dropped in at Saturday morning knit group at Como Park.
Refreshed by welcome of knit strangers.
Opened up my world to Lace.
Taught by 3rd woman in line.
Had no idea lace was knit on BIG needles.
Enchanted by thunderstorm approaching.
Couldn't wait to share it with you.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said…
oh yes lace can be knit with fine needles and others can be knit with nice big needles. size 6 or 7 are my favorite for lace
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for bringing my Halloween bag to me! I can't believe I forgot it! And thanks for the Spaghettios!!!! They are going to be delicious!
kathy b said…
Great to see you Jilly! Keep studying hard at college! Stay away from those hairnets!
Anonymous said…
Love the fall colors- the trees are beginning to turn here too.

Lace is fun- especially lace that can be memorized- then it is as easy as stockinette stitch, but is more fun to knit.
Bianca said…
Beautiful photo... the top one with the autumn colours!
Jennifer said…
Looks and sounds like a wonderful visit.
Karen said…
Hurray for lace - I told you that you could do it!!!! Ummm, yes, maybe I should have thought to tell you it's knit on big needles. ;) So, are you working on a lace project now??
kathy b said…
Karen and Angel

Show me the way! I'd be interested in knitting a scarf or shoulder coverlet. (tiny rectanglur shawl....) Any simple simple starters for me?
Anonymous said…
Good luck with your lace! Lace and I have been tangling for years, but I keep trying. When you become an expert please tell me the secrets!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! So which lace project will you be casting on for?
Unknown said…
Yah, many people don't believe me when I tell they they DON'T use tiny needles for lace. I love lace!

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