My Top Ten Time Wasters

1. Taking classes at Stitches. SORRY Stitches. I love the gathering, but the classes have been too long for my short attention span.

2. Knitting for people who do not care about handknits.

3. Erronous patterns.

4. Trying to fix my own dropped garter stitches, 3 rows back. That's what Debbie is for at 3 Bags Full.

5. Knitting lace when crocheting can give the same effect. I can crochet with next to no errors. One live stitch theory.

6. Knitting for felting. Crochet is just faster for me.

7. Defending the question, Why do you KNIT your socks? I just say, "Oh, I just do."

8. Defending why you knit in public. Again "I just do."

9. Baking cookies while knitting and burning the cookies!

10. Not having the yarn wound before you leave the shop.

Go ahead, tell me yours. No judgement. No rights or wrongs. Just vent a bit.


Karen said…
Hmmmm . . . .

doing homework when I could be knitting

cooking dinner when we could just order in and I could knit

having to explain to people why I really need all that yarn - I'm going to take a clue from you and say "Oh, I just do"

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I've got off the top of my head. :)
Anonymous said…
Drooling over new patterns on the internet when I have a huge backlog of patterns I already want to make. And the yarn to go with them.
Deb said…
Top of my head - today - knitting with people you don't particularly care for who just sort of busted themselves into your normal group of lovely women when indeed said person is not lovely and took over the conversation and doesn't fit in and may be wrecking your longstanding Tueday AM group and now you're so cranky about it you want to cry.

but that's just today.

Was that out loud?
Anonymous said…
Correcting errors in someone else's written pattern.

Frogging the entire back of a vest because it was knit too small.

Buying yarn for a project and not checking the dye lot numbers.

Buying yarn (on sale) I don't need for a project.

Buying magazines with patterns I will NEVER use.

Knitting or crocheting half-asleep. Not a good idea. Trust me.

Not marking pattern repeats and having to count rows.

Having to double-check my stitch count.

Knitting a sweater collar WAY too small.

Knitting projects and stuffing them in a closet (better to knit charity items and just give them away).
Jennifer said…
OMG - too funny! I think the knitting and baking cookies is the best. If I'm not burning the cookies because I'm distracted with my knitting, it's because I get distracted with the blogging about the knitting.
Anonymous said…
You are??? What yarn are you going to use???

:-) This was too funny!
kathy b said…
Thanks for all the comments! Karen, I too say ORDER in, cooking eats knitting time. :)
Teresa, I must recheck my stitch counts more than anybody out there. I trip myself up counting! I agree!
Grace said…
Grace here from Lovin Comforts, I would love to do a swap with you and I love the idea of yours for the acrylic swap. Oh I have some ideas already

lets do the acrylic yarn for a scarf and one small hand knit item--like a one skien wonder , and a small treat or two of our own choosing.

email me at needles54 at optonline dot net and we can work out the details!!
Anonymous said…
The "why do you knit socks" question really brings out the crazy in me!

Dyeing my own yarn seems a big waste to me. Why do that when there are thousands of colors out there I haven't used yet? I'd rather spend the time knitting.
Unknown said…
Traffic. That's my most hated time waster of all.
Anonymous said…
Why is it that fixing dropped stitches in garter stitch is harder than correcting a cable six rows back? This is the kind of Timeless Mystery that keeps me up at night,
Bernadette said…
This is a great topic! (And I see Karen is my kind of knitting person!!) Mine are:

1. Doing housework when I could be knitting.

2. Knitting while talking with someone, then realizing I have totally messed up the pattern!!

3. Starting big projects (sweaters, blankets, etc.) and giving up in the middle. (I have just frogged them and started over).

4. Yarn that can't be frogged easily.

5. People who don't understand sock knitters.

6. My brother, saying that you can go to WalMart and just buy a hat, gloves, or BOTH for $1.99!!

7. People who think knitting is only for grandmas and "old ladies".

8. The occasional snobby salespeople in yarn shops, who only like customers who can afford as much as they want of any yarn in the store, and who look down on those on a serious yarn budget.
Beth said…
OMG - I also can't fix dropped stitches in garter stitch. Make me feel like a total failure!
Anonymous said…
Trying to explain to people why I sometimes spend almost $20 on yarn to knit a pair of socks.

Trying to explain why I won't knit baby items out of acrylic yarn. Hello? Can we say fire hazard?

Cleaning the house when I could be knitting

Working on a difficult knitting project while trying to watch a movie with subtitles. How stupid am I?

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