Spring Socks

Okay, this was really just an excuse to show off my pedicure since it has gotten cold again and it doesn't look like anyone else will get to see it. However, the Fixation that I got for my birthday is making some very nice spring-y socks to remind me that the warmer weather is coming. Today I saw a spring robin and some tulips sprouting up out of the cold ground, sure signs of Spring. It is not too long now!


This is pretty and springy.
Karen said…
Pretty color, pretty pattern. Which pattern is that?
Katherine said…
Beautiful sock, and pretty springy color! (The pedicure is pretty too). Do you have trouble knitting with fixation. The last time I used it I did not enjoy the stretch of the yarn as I knitted. Maybe I should try it again in a pretty color like yours.
kathy b said…
Nice pedi Al. I love your socks too. I'm glad you like your birthday yarn. happy St. Patrick's day!
monica said…
I was worried with the last cold spell my hiacynths had gotten zapped but they are blooming and it is freezing again. Crazy weather. Maybe soon you will be able to show off the pedicure. The socks look lovely.
Zaz said…
haha! very funny picture!

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