Monday, January 23, 2006

Some knitting content

The Graduation events of the weekend made for very little knitting. I'll remember that knitting in class was a way of coping with high school for Al. No teacher ever asked her to stop. I thank them all for that.

I needed some comfort knitting yesterday. With nothing mindless on the needles, I reached for my KnitPicks Morning Glory and my Pony Pearl size 1 double points and started another sock. Nothing Olympian; I think I am going to be a spectator and support all the great knitting athletes out there during their events. I'll be cheering for you all. Knitting in the village as they say. Eating....Italian.


Pat K said...

Spectators and supporters are always welcome. Maybe we need an Olympic Supporter button for the bloggers who are cheering the rest of us on.

Jane said...

Love the snowman! Congrats to the graduate.

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