Peaceful Palms

Nona's Peaceful Palm initiative did motivate me. This is the third pair of fingerless gloves I've made this winter. It's a version of Hooray For Me Gloves by Marnie MacLean. These were made for my friend Helen.

I was ever inspired by my friends, (nurses) at a baby shower last night. Two of the most precious sweaters I have ever seen were given as gifts to the new babygirl. Lynn, irisheyes Lynn, made one, and Diane made the other. I wish I had brought my camera.

The 2 new mom's of December that I know and love, are saying the same thing: "It's so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad when he/she cries." Ah, hormones and lack of sleep. Now that's sad! Wishing them some peace and 40 winks.


Karen said…
Hooray for You . . . those gloves are awesome!!! The colors are fabulous and you do such wonderful work. Those multi-color / patterned projects still intimidate me quite a bit. I know Helen will love them. I bet those baby sweaters your friends gave were adorable - I love little baby clothes!
Anonymous said…
Oh-My-Gosh! I absolutely love your gloves -- the colors are stunning and the color work beautiful! You've truely out done yourself with this thrid pair of Peaceful Palms. What a lucky friend you have to receive such a special gift.
Bernadette said…
I love your yarn choice for these gloves! What yarn did you use? I'm sure MArnie would love to see them also.

I have made 2 pairs of the Hooray for Me gloves this winter also - the pattern is an easy one and they work up so quickly.

Your friend is a lucky gal!
Jane said…
Oooh, I love the gloves and the shawl! I'm going to have to give that Hooray for Me pattern a try.

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