Monday, January 16, 2006

The Importance of Being Earnest

Schaefer yarn hand paint scarf. Scarf by Allison. Sunshine by chance.

I am pattern searching in earnest. Only one WIP makes me uneasy. I need a social WIP that allows me to interact while knitting, and a must concentrate knit. The must concentrate is the current WIP: lace socks.

Al and I went to Mosaic in Des Plaines yesterday as they have nice Sunday hours and a great store. I am stash knitting these days; this allowed me to go along with Al and check the pattern sale in the backroom. 1.00 a pattern currently.

The patterns are older. Nothing wrong with that. A great pattern is ageless. But,
The yarns are unavailable. Substitute, you say. Sometimes, I just cannot do that. The visual is too strong for me. Al can look at any pattern and she's already decided she loves it: with a different color yarn, different neckline and she's set. Ah youth, so flexible. So confident.

So I am still looking for a slimming sweater pattern, that isn't too complex, with currently available yarn, a v-neck and it must be a pullover. Would be best if the yarn is one in my stash. Oh, and the good thing is I am not limiting myself can have seams.


Alyssa said...

A pullover version of Eris? ( Very Irish! Aside from the cabling, the loooonnnngggg section of stockinette is perfect for social knitting.

I love the scarf Allison made -- the colors are wonderful (and how nice is it to see the sun again?). Is Allison going to join us at GROUP sometime?

Anonymous said...

Lovely scarf, the colours are so rich. Hope you find the perfect sweater pattern to match some lovely stash yarn. I'm knitting my stash too.

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