I have made at least 3 people happy

Zach is happy to have his malabrigo fingerless gloves for guitar picking. He opted for the to the second knuckle version. This way he can roll the tops back when he needs to for certain songs, and leave them long for other times.

This should serve as a Finishing Friday entry for MajorKnitter Jen's blog, and for a Peaceful palm contribution to Nona's knit-a-long. There that's 3 happy people. :)

I used size 6 straights. Cast on 60 stitches and knit every row. I added a thumbhole about half way through, using basic buttonhole technique, and finished it off with a 3 needle bind off. I knitted in some very thin black elastic to help it keep its shape. One skein of malabrigo was more than enough yarn. Frugal hungarian cost: around 12.00 for the yarn and elastic. Happy son: priceless.


Irisheyes Lynn said…
Very nice! And a teenage son who doesn't mind his picture being taken and posted on his mom's blog! I'm impressed.
Alyssa said…
Cute! I bet he loves them:)
Anonymous said…
I'd like to congratulate you on two fronts. First, congratulations on finishing your pair of Peaceful Palms gloves! And secondly, congratulations on making something that a teenage boy likes and will wear. Having 2 teenage boys of my own, I know this is no easy feat!
Chicago Jen said…
No, no, Nona, they're easy hands... not feat! ROFL@myself! Sorry, I couldn't resist! jen
Anonymous said…
I think this guy may set a trend. The fingerless gloves look really cool on a guy playing the guitar!

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