Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Al's design

This is Al's malabrigo design. I think her pattern really shows off the yarn. She is working on mitts as well. So why isn't she modeling? Well, some days you don't want to be in the picture I guess. Frankly she's at an age where even rolling out of bed and stumbling to the kitchen, she looks great. My sister and I call it the age of beauty. Why is it that we didn't believe we were beautiful then either? Ah foolish youth.

On other knitting fronts, I am beginning the holiday gift knitting panic. Perhaps it is knowing that we change the clocks back this Sunday in our part of the country that is stirring it up. The colors of the leaves in Chicago this time of year are such a treat. Seeing the sugar maples leaves pooled under the trees makes me think I need to find a yarn that color. What's your favorite color in nature that you wish you cold find in a yarn?


Jennifer said...

That's beautiful. I think the pattern really makes the yarn's features stand out.

Christmas crazy? E-gads! Let's get knitting!

Chicago Jen said...

Ack!! Christmas knitting!! And I made apromise tomyself that I wouldn't start knitting anything each night until I've gotten some exercise but then you had to go and remind me of Christmas Knitting!! AUGGGHHH!!! :) jen

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