Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Out Like a Lamb

tis true this year.  March is going out like a lamb.   So baa baaa baaa.  And bring on Spring.  

my wrap is so sweet and easy to knit, thanks to my local pretend friend for the pattern!

Up this week:

sale at my lys three bags full

Cubs baseball begins, and the predictions are not good ....again

But baseball is wonderful and I can root for more than one team.......

And the cats will be out on the porch at least one day this week

And there is a quest to find  rain boots.  The pair I ordered on line was too small for my calfskin

Happy Sunday!


SapphireBlue said...

Happy Spring!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

We got snow this morning!
The sun is out now and it's nice and warm (well... warmer...)
Love that bucket/pail...!

Sue said...

We had tornado watches on Friday so until March is actually one, I won't make any predictions.

suburban prep said...

I was going to tell you about 3 bags if you didn't already know.
I am thinking of going too.

I have just spent money this weekend (things were needed). Hence the reason I am thinking about going and not sure am going. I was just in on Friday and I wanted some yarn but held off.

Lynn said...

Look for rainboots on Free shipping and returns an a huge inventory, if you have never used them before.

Nancy said...

No March lamb here: dreary all day and now it is blowing and spitting snow! Spring, where are you?

Araignee said...

We've had it all here today-rain, sleet, snow, wind and cold. Now we are being warned about flooding. I know spring has to happen sometime, doesn't it? Isn't it a rule somewhere?

kathy b said...


Zappos is a great idea. Thank you

Katherine said...

Oh poor Cubs! I love them so much but they have been so bad since we left Chicago. I would move back if it would help them.

Looking forward to a 78° day in Texas tomorrow. Sweet lamb!

Anonymous said...

As a Phillies fan, I feel your pain.

We are going to a hockey game next week. They TRADED my favorite player. My next favorite made a goal last night --- FOR THE OTHER TEAM.

Sports!!! It will break your heart!

suburban prep said...

I meant to say that I saw some rainboots at Nordstrom Rack in Northbrook but it was a few weeks ago.

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